Speedpass and a Smile

Man, Ken is right – Speedpass sounds really cool! I just might try it out. I can use it at the Exxon that is on the way to my new job.

Have I mentioned today that I love my new job? *grin* I do, I really truly do. You see, I probably wouldn’t have even called the NC if Laura had not suggested it. She turned a position down at the NC last fall, and took the position at our now OC. She told me how she was really interested in the company and the position, there were a few other issues though. In hindsight one can see just how trivial those things turned out to be. Anyways, we had a nice chat tonight about the NC and the OC and the owners of both. I told her I realized that in the amount of time I have been at my new job I think the owner has spoken to me more then the owner of the OC did the last 2 months that I worked there – and the majority of that is just in polite passing conversation – things like “Good morning, Christine!” with a smile when I come in in the morning. I woke up this morning thinking, “I can’t wait to get to work!” Now that is the way to live!

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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