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Spiderman, Spiderman!

Nothing quite like bribing your children, is there? Jason has a report that’s due a week from Monday on Sam Houston & his life before he moved to Texas. If he turns it in this Monday, a week early, he’ll earn 10 extra points. He needs them, but he was moving along on the project at a snail-like pace. Until I bribed him with Spiderman (or as they call it, Spider-Man, but I like my version better.) Yes, I told him that if he was to finish all of the written portions of the project today we would go to Spiderman tonight. Zooooom! He got right to work – and if he started to lose focus all it took was a nudge & a reminder that I hadn’t ordered the tickets yet, and he got right back to work! I let him leave a little for tomorrow morning because my Dad came by to pick him up for about half an hour – they went Mother’s Day shopping. When they returned they brought me a lovely bouquet of flowers. So tomorrow morning we have to finish the bibliography and write up an oral presentation to go with the project. Then tomorrow afternoon he has to finish his diorama.

As for the movie – it was great. He really enjoyed it, I really enjoyed it. The theater was packed – it was sold out. We were in one of the huge screens too – two levels of seating, easily 1000 people in there. Jason sat through the full 2 hours of the movie – I don’t think he moved once. I’ll confess, there were a few times that I jumped. I liked the premise, the “With great powers comes great responsibilities.” Also, the fact that Peter Parker is an outsider, the brainy kid that gets picked on – but he deals with it. Jason’s been picked on more this year (I think it just starts to happen more at this age) and it’s gotten him down some days – so I felt like it was a good message. Sad at times, but that’s ok – that’s life, isn’t it? In the end, good movie and probably one that we will end up owning on DVD. Now he’s gearing up for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones next weekend (although I’m thinking of waiting a week or two to go see it.) After that, the weekend of the 4th of July – Men in Black II!

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Doh, I’m jealous! I want to see Spider-Man myself. I think after the parents leave I’ll put an ad in my blog for a date. No strings attached, just a movie companion to watch the Spider Dude swing into action. hehe

We got our advance tix for AoTC this weekend. I wasn’t taking any chances about my “child” being disappointed if it was sold out… And good thing, too. For 3 screens (2 theaters like you described seeing Spidey in), they had 32 tix left!

ROTFL at Robyn and her “child.”

And isn’t it funny how our upcoming summers are definined by a few certain movies – that’s how my summer looks, with the addition of Scooby Dooooo!! (S-M, EpisodeII, Scooby Doo, and MIB2)

I’m glad you like the movie, and same for Jason 🙂

I’m with you – I loved the movie. My husband and father however, didn’t like it so much. They felt like the word “sequal” was written all over the film but I loved how Peter didn’t get together with MJ because he didn’t want to risk her getting hurt. It wasn’t the hollywood ending I wanted but it made sense in the greater context of the movie.

I love Spiderman as well, but I really like how Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane and Tobey Mcguire played Spiderman. I just think it would be better if everyone stayed in the movie they act in. Of course Actors and Actresses sometimes can’t handle too much pressure in the parts that they play, but hey I support what they do. All I can say is Spiderman Rules and you wouldn’t believe how many posters I have on my wall, it’s crazy I know lol. I also have a nintendo 64 game of Spiderman and I only know how to beat some of the hard levels in the game. Well I can’t wait to see the sequal and right when it comes out in theaters, I will be the first person in my hometown to see it lol. That was not an evil laugh just to let you know lol. I don’t know about any of you girls that have made comments to this, but would you really wish that you had a boyfriend who “WAS” Spiderman. I know I would, well Iam getting childish here, but you know what, thats who Iam. I also want to say that I appreciate some of your comments about Spiderman, it’s a good movie and I hope all of you enjoy the second sequal and the other movies of Spiderman that will some year come out in theaters. Take care, and thanx for reading this!!!!!…

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