Starting Our Vacation…

Whew! The next two weeks are going to be quite a whirlwind!

We had planned some time ago to go to Kentucky to visit Mike’s parents this summer. I’ve never been, so I’m really excited! I’m sure it is going to be beautiful there. Plus there is a farm that sells the fiber from their flock not too far down the road, and in the other direction there is a company that makes spindles. I mean, we need to get out and see the countryside, right?

So that trip starts next Wednesday. This weekend I have a retreat/getaway with the MOMs group from church that I’ve planned on attending since this spring. The moms in the group are great, and it has been a nice way to meet new people now that I’m working out of the home full time. Social contact is a good thing, and I tend to be a hermit way too often.

Then yesterday, Mike called me to let me know that work wanted to send him to New Orleans on Monday & Tuesday. Being the swift thinker that I am, I asked if they would pay mileage and let him drive instead of flying over there, so Jason & I could go also. He checked, and they said it was no problem at all. So we’re taking my car over to New Orleans, which will give us to visit his Great Aunt Yvonne. I met her a few years ago when Mike & I went to New Orleans, so it will be nice to get to see her again. Monday, while Mike is at his work meetings, Jason and I will go on the cemetary tour and see the sights in the French Quarter.

Because, damn it, this time? This time I get to go on my cemetary tour.

What a whirlwind! We will basically get back, wash clothes, and leave again the next morning. But we will have a good time!

I feel like our vacation is starting today though – because now we are off to go to the Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science! It sounds really cool – you get to see yourself as a hobbit or a wizard and more! I can’t wait!

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Sounds like a lot of fun and great photo opportunities! We just booked our summer vacation trip last night. We’ll be heading to Chicago 1st week in August! Yay! Oh, and tell me how te exhibit is. Kathy & I want to go see it in July.

I called Kathy afterwards (needed to give her my SU! update) and told her it was pretty cool. It’s mainly about the costumes, how they made them, and how they made the film. She knew most of the information already that I thought was cool, but then again she has watched the DVD extras a million times. (I haven’t watched them.)

Oh, and I got to see Viggo’s costume – the one he wore. Not an “extra” – and it was really cool!

I haven’t been back to Chicago in years – make sure you go to the Museum of Science & Industry there for me! 😉

I grew up in southern Indiana, about an hour away from Louisville. I’ve been to Kentucky numerous times, and it’s a gorgeous state. I hope that you have fun! And it’s great that you have a good moms’ group ~ I love mine!

we’re planning on going to that exhibit at some point (it’s going to be there all summer). we wanted to avoid the crowds, so we decided not to go until later. how was it?

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