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Such An Amazing Race!

Oh my God! Oh my God! Did you see the finale of The Amazing Race??? OH MY GOD!!!

(This is the part where you STOP READING if you don’t want to know yet who won. I have a TiVo, I understand.)

Here is my take on the whole thing:

– You could see Ron & Kelly falling apart. Other than the season with the chick who truly did not deserve to win, any time a team falls apart like that, they are out of the running. I was never a big fan of them, but once Kelly made the “yeah, and you got out of your commitment with the Army by being a POW” comment, I was completely over them.

– I didn’t like Rob & Amber. They held things together well as a team, and they were always very supportive of one another. Rob just seemed to manipulate things a bit too much. I know, I know, it was a race. Not a place to make new friends, but a chance to win a million dollars. Still, you don’t have to be an ass about it.

– Uchenna & Joyce? They were my homies and I didn’t even know it until tonight! How did I miss that fact? When they were begging for money at the airport, Uchenna told someone that he was from Houston, Texas and Jason & I both did a double-take. What?! They are from Houston? Get OUT! But back to the race. From the beginning, it was clear they were in it to win. They were always so loving and supportive of one another, cheering each other on. Not only that – they took the time to cheer on other teams too. I mean, how sweet was it when Uchenna wanted to try to help out Meredith & Gretchen during the leg they were eliminated on? I thought that showed a lot of character. It showed even more character when they sat there, basically *at* the finish line, and wouldn’t finish the race until they had enough money to pay the cab driver. If it had been me, I think I would have told the guy, “Look, we’re going to go win a million dollars – then we will be back to pay you!” But they didn’t. They took the time to get the cash to pay him. I was screaming at the TV by that point (along with Jason) that they should just go in! But they did the right thing, as they had all along, and they got the money for the cab driver. I was *so* thrilled that they won. I cried over it even. Especially when they said they were going to use the money to try to have a baby, and if they couldn’t, they were going to adopt a baby. I mean, how fabulous is that? They WON!!! THEY WON!!!

Now for some other observations:
– It seems like the people that like Rob & Amber are the same people that watch Survivor. Is that correct? And the people that didn’t like them, don’t like Survivor. I never wanted them to win. I had accepted the fact that they might win, but I didn’t want them to win.

– WHAT were Brian & Greg thinking with that facial hair at the finish line? It was terrible! Almost as ugly as the outfits they were wearing when they got eliminated. Bad, bad, bad. Ugh. Nice looking guys, but a terrible choice on the facial hair.

– As much as I liked Uchenna and Joyce, I didn’t like Joyce’s hair. Was it just me, or did it look like a bad weave? Now that she has a million dollars, I guess she can do whatever she wants to with it to fix it, although I still think she looks good bald.

Whew. That final leg was a whirlwind, but the second that Uchenna and Joyce got on that flight with Rob & Amber, I hoped the tables had finally turned. I’m still buzzing from all the joy I got from watching them win!

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I absolutely agree with you about Uchenna and Joyce! The pair of them was (were? This is where my English 2nd language kicks in) a class act all the way.

I watch Survivor, but despised Amber and Rob. In fact, I was highly pissed about them being invited to participate in the Amazing Race in the first place. I hope that this isn’t a sign that CBS is attempting to turn this show into a promo for all their other ‘reality’ t.v. shows! I wish they would just select folks who otherwise wouldn’t normally have the opportunity or resources to undertake a global adventure like this. Please, CBS, no more Playboy bunnies (Victoria), or those awful models who won last season, or WWF members…

P.S. On an unrelated note, I need to talk to you about renewing my hosting and what I need to do, etc. Can you believe that my Win-a-blog year is almost up!

i had basically all the same thoughts as you. i could not believe Kelly said that to Ron! i didn’t hate Rob and Amber, and they played the game well, but I’m glad Uchenna and Joyce won. in my opinion, the money will be put to better use and they’re such good people they really deserved it.

brian and gregs facial hair had me cracking up at the end. its almost like they got caught in a time warp back to the 70s!

oh, and i’m assuming you mean Joyce’s hair at the beginning, because she didn’t really have any at the end 🙂

wheee! that was fun 🙂

Okay, so I liked Rob & Amber, and I hate Survivor. I didn’t want them to win though, I was rooting for Joyce and Uchenna. I did want R&A in the top 3 though, as I have long thought that they push the other teams to think harder about what they’re doing, and basically race better. Although, I suspect that in the next season there will be a rule prohibiting teams from getting locals to guide them around to the landmarks.

Ron and Kelly were a waste of airspace. She was a complete cow, and by the end he was no prince either. You could totally see that he couldnt wait for the race to be over so he could be done with her. I still can not beleive that she sat there in the airport during the final leg of the race, crying over their relationship. I knew then that there was no way they could win, as they’d lost whatever focus they’d had.

Yaay Joyce and Uchenna! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Not only were they from Houston, they are also my neighbors. A fellow neighbor mentioned they would be on the show via e-mail but I have never met them in person nor do I watch the show. Afte rthe winner was announced I looked up our neighbor list now and they live just a few houses down!! My co-worker wants me to get their autograph for her. LOL!

GET OUT!!! Man, now I want their autograph too! Quick, hurry, before they decide to blow all of their money on moving to River Oaks or something like that! 😀 (I doubt they would do that though.) Man, that is just … so cool! I can’t believe they are your neighbors, Elaine!

I’m happy for Uchenna and Joyce, although I rolled my eyes a bit at her “I could feel all of you praying for us” comment. I’m on the Romber love train, I admit it. I watched Survivor, and I hated them on Survivor. But I thought they kicked booty on the Race. And I don’t think there can be adequate wording for a rule to eliminate excessive help from locals. What if you ask someone for directions and they happen to be going to same direction as you? What about teams who keep the same cab driver for an entire leg? The line is too fine to be drawn, I think. It’s the difference between asking multiple people each a question (and getting legal releases, etc. which slows them down) or being (arguably, obviously) a “smarter” racer and asking the same person multiple questions to save time. I think what frustrated me is that it’s not, like Phil says, a “race around the world” – it was, essentially, a race to find a cigar shop. I understand why bunching is necessary, but what’s the point of working hard to obtain a seven hour lead if the producers are going to wipe it out?

I love Rob and Amber – I saw Amber on Survivor, but never saw Rob. Generally, I don’t really like Survivor and just watched it the one season Amber happened to be on (didn’t like her much). To me, it seems the people who like Rob and Amber generally did NOT see them on Survivor. I got the impression the people who saw them on Survivor hated them.

I didn’t think Rob was too manipulative at all. I think he played the game well. I also don’t think he was an ass to anyone. I guess I’m just not nice enough for most people, because I certainly wouldn’t be helping any other team in a race to win a million dollars. 🙂

Ran accross this page while searching fo Amazing Race stuff. I wanted Rob & Amber to win simply because I thought they were the most competitive (I’ve never watched Survivor). Uchenna & Joyce were my second favorite, however it wasn’t honor that made them pay the cabbie it was the Race rules, you are not allowed to tell anyone that you are racing for a million dollars or promise to give them money after the show…. In addition, another rule is that you can break no laws. So, although Uchenna & Joyce were definitely nice they were mostly just following the rules. Also, Joyce’s “I could hear you all praying for me” rubbed me the wrong way too! Thanks for letting me vent!

I believe that U&J had no choice but to get the money for the cabdriver, unless they could talk him out of it, which they tried to do. Rules of the game, not out of the goodness of their hearts. Nevertheless, I was happy to see them win because R&A had already won a million and really didn’t need it, although they were running a great race. And the recall of the plane to let U&J on? Very suspect. The whole bunching aspect of the show is getting very annoying. And “figure out the clues” seems to be reading comprehension.
Still, it is one of my very favorite shows.

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