Sweater Update…

Sweater update

Friday morning, I had a meeting at Jason’s school. As I walked to the building, I stepped off of a curb and managed to seriously twist my ankle. I limped into the school, had the meeting, limped back to my car and went home to an ice pack and some pillows to elevate my leg. It still hurt Saturday, and hurt a bit less on Sunday, and a little less today. The strange numb feeling in certain spots on my foot was enough to make me worry that maybe it was more than just a sprain, so I went to the doctor today.

Severely sprained ankle, with an aircast for 2-3 weeks.

At least I’m not hobbling around any more, and the time spent in bed with my foot propped up gave me time to knit more on my sweater. If you compare this to the first shot of the sleeve – before I frogged it – you will see why I didn’t like the pooling. There is still a little pooling, but I’m ok with it. Now I’m just convinced that the whole thing will be too small and it will end up in the “time out” pile because I refuse to knit that sleeve all over again!

Wearing handmade socks makes the aircast all the more tolerable.


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I have so been there with the ankle thing so many times in my life. And the air cast. Ugh.

Here is the real secret…you have to be very careful with your ankle for the next several months. It will seem better and healed, but you still have to be careful. I’m totally speaking from experience here. No high heels, no jumping rope, no pogo dancing. Got it?

NOOOOO! You can’t have a hurtie ( or is it an owie or a booboo?) You have a fiber festival to cover! Keep off of it for heavens sake. And that sweater is gorgeous. Do not forget the miraculous healing powers of blocking. You can MAKE it fit. And the socks are divine. Thinking about you.

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