System Going Down…

The closing went really well. Quite smooth, after some of the horror stories I had heard about them. Afterwards we went and bought the essentials – a washer, dryer and fridge. They will be delivered on Thursday. The cable will be turned on on Thursday too. We should have power tomorrow at the house, and I believe the phone was turned on today – I have to check that tomorrow.

Now the packing is nearly done, and it’s time to take the computer system offline. I probably won’t be online again until Thursday when the cable modem is set back up. That works out ok – with the movers coming tomorrow morning, there isn’t time to be online anyways.

Wow. Just think – the next time I get online, I’ll be at the new house. Amazing! See you there!

By Christine

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Wow, that’s cool! Glad the closing went so smoothly. I hope everything goes smoothly with the utilities too. We have some moving stories. 😉 See you in the new place, can’t wait for pictures! Oh! What did you end up getting for the washer/dryer and fridge?

An old Irish blessing for your new house:

Bless this house, O Lord we pray, Make it safe by night and day; Bless these walls, so firm and stout, Keeping want and trouble out; Bless the roof and chimney tall, Let Thy peace lie over all; Bless this door, that it may prove Ever open to joy and Love.

Sorry about sending a work message to your personal site but no one has responded to me from there in weeks.

In mid-February, Blogomania accepted $75 of money I sent through PayPal to register 3 domains and for hosting services for 3 months. I have tried to make contact since then and have not heard back from you. I am now asking that you please refund the $75.
Thank you.
-Eric Burlison

Great to hear that things went well after we swooped into town and out of it again so quickly, leaving you with a couple of used towels and a bed to re-make. LOL We had a blast at the get-together, even more fun at SXSW and are now in Dallas enroute to home.

It was awesome meeting you and the H-Town crew and look forward to seeing you in person again sometime soon. If not, then next year at SXSW 2005.

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