Travel Notes

Cape Disappointment?

Cape Disappointment, Washington

I sort of want to drive to Cape Disappointment, Washington this morning. Because … WTF? What is up with that name?!?

Travel Notes

Crater Lake Camping – Kicking Off the Adventure!

We’re going to Crater Lake! We’re going camping at Crater Lake! And the BEST PART??? There will be almost no moon! YAY!!!

I realize the fact that there is not going to be a moon may seem like a strange thing to be excited about, but I want as little light pollution as possible so that I can try doing some night photography. Photographs like these have inspired me for some time. I didn’t realize until we were driving to Portland how close we were going to be to Crater Lake. Well, close is a relative term – it should be about a 5 hour drive or so to get there. I simply could not pass it up though — Portland is a lot closer than Houston!

We spent a few hours Monday afternoon at REI in downtown Portland picking up a tent, two sleeping bags, and some other items that we needed. More things to pile in to the Mini Cooper and finally I can try out the camping accessories I got fromĀ MyProScooter!

My plan as I continue on the road trip is to camp at other locations as well, and I can set up this tent all by myself. Perfect for what I needed, and even better that there is no sales tax in Oregon, we had a $20 off coupon, and we’re REI members so we will get money back from that as well.


Everyday Avenger Travel Notes

Hello, June! Goodbye, June!

Colorado National Monument - Rim Road


That would be the sound of June 2013 flying past me. The month started with a flurry of activity around attending BlogHer Food. From there, there were the summer Flirt, Hot Mama, and White Sheet sessions for a lot of wedding and anniversary gifts, even a zegarki watch, how exciting! I was formulating the plans for the Avenger of Sexiness North America Tour (#aos13 on Twitter and Facebook) … and then it all came to a screeching halt.

I had a very sudden, excruciatingly painful gallstone attack on Saturday, June 22nd. Just days before I planned to leave town. I went to the ER, and they ended up admitting me to the hospital. Instead of heading west on June 25th like I had planned, I had my gallbladder removed. I was finally released on June 27th.

I don’t normally make a lot of plans because I *HATE* it when my plans get changed. I cried on the night of the 29th because I was still at home, instead of in California with my friend Tara like I had planned. It didn’t help that it was the hottest June day in Houston … EVER. I was miserable.

Since our plan always was to drive, and the doctor cleared me for travel when he released me from the hospital, I asked Mike if we could go ahead and pack and leave. There was no way we could do the California leg of our journey, but we could still make it to Portland in time for the World Domination Summit, which I was lucky to score a ticket to months ago.

My Mini Cooper at Colorado National Monument Rim Rock DriveWe spent Sunday morning quickly packing our bags, loading up my Mini Cooper, picking up a GoPro camera to record the trip and heading out. Our journey took us north through Oklahoma City, on in to Kansas, west to Denver, through the Rocky Mountain National Park Trail Ridge Road, across to Grand Junction – where the above photo was taken, at the Colorado National Monument Rim Rock Drive, in to Utah, on through Idaho — and here we are today in Portland, Oregon.

I made it. I took it easy, but I was able to convalesce just as much in the passenger seat of the car as I would have been at home in bed. I did drive the Rim Rock Drive and through part of Utah – INCREDIBLE. I could not be more thrilled with taking this trip, and with being able to be at the World Domination Summit tonight!

I’ll share more in the coming days about the adventure we had getting to Portland and the plans I have for the trip ahead. For today, I’m just going to soak it all in and savor Portland.