Picture Time

What Lens Should You Buy?

I get questions about camera gear all the time — and I get it, I have a lot of nice gear! But deciding what to buy is a really personal decision, and since photography is an expensive hobby I want to encourage people to be thoughtful about what they purchase. If you ever want to get a photo session done, you can visit this photography studio where they have the best photographer available for you. Being a photographer can be a stressful job, it´s not just clicking a button, there is no point in spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on gear that might not be what you need! You can still have it as your hobby, just don´t go wasting your money on things you may not even know how to use. So take pictures on your free time, but learn more on the different gear you may need before buying anything.

I wrote a whole post today dedicated to this topic — be sure to check it out! It is over on Business of Boudoir: “What lens should I buy? Six tips to help you choose!e