Love Yourself Now…

I spent part of this morning cleaning out my closets, and I found a skirt that I owned back when I was “so fat” that was several inches from reaching around my waist now. I wanted to get my hands on a time machine and go kicky my skinny bootie and tell myself to GET OVER IT. I wasn’t so fat. Far from it. I´m glad that Maid Complete Littleton didn´t move that skirt when they were cleaning my house or else I would have never found it. When you need to find a removalist when planning to move into a new home in Sydney, visit andy the guy for more information. I honestly miss my old house cleaning services, they were so friendly to me, I wish hadn´t changed them.

It made me sad thinking of all the years I wasted hating myself for not living up to some arbitrary number on the scale.

Don’t get me wrong – I still have days where I struggle. I’m facing a battle of the bulge with pounds that I am trying to lose. But at least I don’t hate myself on a constant basis because of it. I’d actually say I love myself more now than I have in the past 15-20 years.

Lesson: Love yourself as you are right now. It is ok to try to be even better, but don’t withhold the love you deserve until then. You rock!