Be An Avenger of Sexiness!

Almost five years ago, I launched my boudoir photography business. At the time, it was meant to compliment my wedding photography work, but it quickly became so much more than that to me! I initially defined what I believed in, sharing my story of how boudoir photography changed my life.

It was then that I learned something amazing. My Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by Rediscovering their Beauty.

And to be honest? I don’t have to have a camera in my hand to do this. When I realized that, I then started to dream about ways that even more women could rediscover their beauty and grow their confidence and maintain this beauty by using the right products, and you can click here to find more about this. This is the start of that.

Last fall, I worked with Ms. S, and she wrote me afterwards with this review:

These days I feel that as women we are subjected to so much scrutiny, no matter what size, shape or color that we are, we never seem to be perfect.

But what exactly is perfect? I may not be a size two, but even a women that is a size two is being judged by some imperfection….

There is not a women out there that on a daily basis is not second guessing her self image. It is ridiculous.

There needs to be more AVENGERS of SEXINESS in the world, allowing other women to take back their self worth and sexiness and tell society to go to HELL. “I am SEXY and I KNOW IT”…. Thank YOU Christine for being my AVENGER of SEXINESS!

I am so glad that I found you!!!!

I couldn’t agree with her more. There needs to be more AVENGERS of SEXINESS in the world — and the revolution? It starts NOW. Will you join me? Together we can make the difference. I’ll be sharing more details in the coming weeks on all of the ideas I have for this, and I can’t wait!

Avengers of Sexiness defend the right to be beautiful outside of the parameters of the media and society.

Be an Avenger of Sexiness!

Getting Down to Business Worth Keeping

The Problem Is 18 Months…

Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners was recently interviewed at Design Glut. You may not have heard of Jim, but if you’re a photographer that delivers DVDs or CDs as an end product to clients you have probably heard of – and he is part of the team behind that. Matter of fact, you can read all about that and more in the article.

The part I really want to highlight is all the way at the end of the interview. In the last question, after sharing a lot of his story, Jim was asked “What’s your advice for people who want to set out on this path?” This was in reference to web & graphic designers, but it truly applies to any of us in a creative field, or even in a small business of any form.

You need to have the stomach for risk and you need to have good ideas. Let’s just assume that those are the givens, that without either one of those nothing else makes a difference.

I know a lot of people who are in our position, who used to work for The Man or whatever, and now are making records or making films or designing clothes or creating products or screening posters or any of a million other things. And all of them, without exception, all say exactly the same thing and they say it in exactly the same words: “I should have done it sooner.”

When you think to yourself, “In 18 months I’m going to start my crocheted beer coaster company,” the problem with that sentence is the 18 months. What you’re really saying is, “I’m afraid.” Do it now. If you bankrupt a company before you’re 25, that’s like a badge of honor! Get out there.

So often I hear people giving excuses about why they have to wait to do something. That is fear talking. Almost every single time, if you get to the bottom of it, it is fear.

Don’t let your fear stand in the way of your greatest success. Do it NOW.

Please vote for our SXSWi panel on copyright and creatives! I hope to be presenting with Katie Sunstrom, Jonathan of Plagiarism Today, and Charles Lee Mudd Jr. Whether you’re attending SXSWi or not, we need your vote!


Beautiful Tube Photos Inspire Me…

I found this site the other day, and then forgot about it until I saw it in Pixeldiva’s “Things I Find Interesting” post. Then I realized, I should write more about it.

New Perspectives of the London Underground

These photographs amaze me. Something so simple, so everyday and common place probably for the photographer, captured so perfectly. I’ve been there – and looking at those photos takes me back to it all.

Looking through them makes me want to drop everything and go take amazing photographs.

What inspires you?

Observations Worth Keeping

Life = Risks

Life is about taking chances, even when everyone tells you it is impossible. Even if you don’t believe in yourself. Sometimes our defeats lead us to our greatest successes.

This video inspires me. Thanks to another inspiration for pointing it out. [via Dane.]