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Talk About Crybabies…

Last night before the women’s ice skating finals, there was talk of how the Russians were threatening to take their toys, er, atheletes & go home. They were made and didn’t feel like people were playing fair. This is really just the icing on the cake though: the have filed a claim to protest the women’s final results. “We filed the protest last night because we think the judging was biased,” the head of the Russian delegation in Salt Lake City, Viktor Mamatov, told The Associated Press on Friday. “Canadian pairs skaters were awarded their gold medals. Now that subjective judging harmed us, we want the same for Slutskaya.” Sorry, I missed the pairs finals. But no one took the gold away from the Russian pair, they awarded one to the Canadians after finding that there were issues with the pairs judges. On the other hand, I did watch last night’s program. Sarah Hughes was flawless, and I think if she had skated last instead of second in her round (out of 6) she would have had some 5.9’s or 6.0’s up there on the score board. Slutskaya bobbled & fell at the end of a jump and did not skate as complicated of a program, plus her performance marks were not as high. Sorry, I don’t buy it. No gold for Slutskaya, she didn’t earn it. She did however earn a silver, she did do quite well. I think, based on their performances last night, the results were perfect. I sure hope the judges will see the same thing. [via Michele]

Oh, by the way, the Koreans are threatening to go home too. But not over the figure skating event…

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9 replies on “Talk About Crybabies…”

1) Maybe the Russians might as Red Ted Turner to bring back his Goodwill Games so they can stamp out unearned Gold Medals for themselves like we Americans seem heck-bent on doing for ourselves in SLC.

2) I wonder if there are any American athletes with names that mean something funny in Russian. Slutskaya probably is a fine Russian name, but I can’t keep from laughing.

I watched the event and the Russians are nuts! Sorry, but it’s true in this case. Slutskaya was boring… she had no presentation in her routine – it was like watching a baseball player do flips, but it had none of that artsy fartsy stuff going.

Besides, Hughes had a flawless routine with SEVEN triples. Slutskaya had a few slips with only FIVE triples.

For once, the judges made the right call. HELLO???

I just wrote a little post about this myself… similar to Brian’s comment actually. LOL I agree, Sarah Hughes won that gold fair and square. She skated a magnificent program! I cried when she was finished!! I hope they don’t give into the Russians’ whining over this. Let the Russians pull out if they want!

Why are they just threatening it, why not just leave? You know. Like we care if they leave or not. And Slutskaya in no way deserves the gold, her skating was awful! And being an american I’ll say the same for Kwan. Neither skated to their potential OR flawless. That should cover my butt or make things worse! LOL

Todd and I were laughing about that last night, too, when we heard they were thinking of pulling out or boycotting Athens. I’m sorry, but the threat of a Russian boycot hardly carries the same weight of a Soviet-threatened boycot. People aren’t going to give flying flip. Less bad hair and unmatched costumes, IMHO.

Oh, and btw, the South Korean thing only gets worse. They are actually now encouraging their fans to boo, heckle, and borderline-attack Americans and American players at the World Cup soccer matches as retaliation. Grow up people. They’ve already crashed the IOC’s servers by spamming them with protests and threats.

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