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TAR, Episode 1…

I finally watched the season premier episode of The Amazing Race from last Monday. Whew! I have missed this show! I love it, I really do. Don’t bother to ask me why, I can’t explain it. I can tell you that if you haven’t watched it – do. Don’t worry that episode 3 aired tonight, you can catch up on the first 3 over on the website. They give *very* detailed recaps after midnight CST (after the episode airs on the West coast). The opening episode had them heading to Brazil. I had no idea that Rio de Janero is so absolutely beautiful. I shouldn’t be surprised, but still… it was amazing. I sat here and cried when I saw the mother/daughter team get eliminated. Meryl told me last Monday night who was eliminated, but still – seeing them together just made me cry. And I really liked that two teams entered the square together so that they were tied for 4th place. I’m just not sure how long “The Gutsy Grannies” are going to make it though. How am I cheering for? Well, after the first two episodes, I am cheering for the twins. Who are you cheering for? Are you watching TAR? Do you love it too?

By Christine

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Don’t put Domain ideas in her head, Shawn!!! After watching 1 1/2 episodes, I like the twins. It was sad to see Mom and daughter eliminated the first round though we barely knew them. I couldn’t care less about the people eliminated in the first few TARs last time, but this time, I did. 🙁

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