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TAR, Episode 3

Am I a total sap or what? The ending of this episode made me misty eyed too! Not as bad as the end of Episode 1, but still.

WARNING: Spoiler. If you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want to know the ending… don’t read any more.

The Gutsy Grannies took some bizarre crack flight to South Africa from Sao Paulo. They flew to New York, then to London … where they were just stuck. They ended up getting to South Africa a whole day after the rest of the teams. They went to Nelson Mandela’s cell and then straight to the finish line. Poor Grannies. But like they said – they made it pretty far. They seem tired and like they were really struggling with the physical challenges, so while everyone seemed really sad to see them go, I don’t think anyone was surprised.

I’m still really cheering for the twins.

The geek team, the goofy former roommate guys were actually a little more tolerable this episode. Next week though – well, the clips already showed them yelling “cheaters!” at someone.

Donny & Oswald, the best friends, are still annoying to me, but also not as bad as the last episode. They are in 1st place now, and I can see them making it to the final 3 teams.

Not sure how much longer the married couple that are pastors will last – but they could pull it out & really surprise us in the end, you never know!

So there is my feedback … until next week!

By Christine

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7 replies on “TAR, Episode 3”

I’m really liking Donny & Oswald. They don’t seem to overreact and get all hysterical about silly stuff. Which is a suprise considering how wonderfully flamboyant they are.

Biggest annoyances so far: The Complainy Grannies (very glad they’re gone) and the Geeks. Or specifically the one geek who was screaming for PETA when he saw what a Smiley was.

I was CRACKING UP! when he said that about the Smileys. “Where is PETA when you need them?” Too damn funny. And what was up with the Grannies? Did they WATCH the first season? They just seemed surprised over all of the physically challenging tasks. Uh, hello? Yeah. It’s the whole point! Silly Granny. “Grumpy Granny” may have been a better name…

i love the geeks. maybe people don’t understand that they’re not being serious about PETA and the like. they just like to make funny comments. when he asked the healer guy if he had any mouthwash, i just about lost it. too funny.

I liked the geeks more last night then I did in episode 1 & 2. They have toned down a little bit. I have to agree that Donny & Oswald stay calm and collected, and that will play to their advantage in the end I think.

Not reading one word… I had to tape it since I had a meeting at my house during the time it was on, Damn, that’s three weeks in a row we can’t watch TAR together! Next week, I’ll be in Fort Worth for Passover sedar.

Oh I understood he thought he was funny. I just think while those are comments I would crack up reading in someone’s blog, they aren’t the types of things that should be said in front of people who are so graciously helping your crazy butt.

I’m pretty sure he would have already been arrested or slapped if it wasn’t for his cute bald friend. Just like that Kevin guy if his ex-girlfriend, Tara, wasn’t around.

OK, I’ve watched it. One thing I am noticing (to date) is that there are fewer teams that “get on my nerves” compared to TAR 1. No bad guys to replace Team Dildo yet…

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