Teeny Plastic Lenses in my Eyes…

I didn’t bother to mention it two weeks ago on July 26, but I went and got contacts again. I got my first pair of contacts in 7th or 8th grade. My parents were worried that I might tear them or lose them, but I never did. I lost one once, when it literally jumped out of my eye, and we had to go buy a new one. When we got home, the old one was laying on the carpet, glistening in the sun. We put it in the case and rehydrated it, and the store took the one we had just bought back. I was in college by the next time I lost one. I have torn one before too, maybe twice, but that’s it. I’ve had good luck with contacts.

Two years ago to the day, July 26, 2001, I had an eye exam and decided to get new glasses along with new contacts. I picked out the spunky black frames that you see in the photos of me on this site. I loved them, and I rarely wore my contacts. I think I wore them two or three times, but not often, and I got used to wearing glasses.

Two years of wearing glasses non-stop, and it was an odd transition to return to contacts. I had to go through the build-up schedule again, where you wear them 4 hours one day, then six hours, then eight, then a full day. I didn’t have any problems though, and in a way it has been liberating to wear them again. I have a full field of vision, no fuzzy areas beyond the frames. I can wear sunglasses again when I am outside.

But it seems that I am not alone in my real reason for getting contacts. It was so I could use the regular camera (my SLR) easily while I was in Boston. There is nothing more annoying then to have to take your glasses off every time you want to take a photo. And trust me, I take a lot of photos. Now I can look through the viewfinder without my glasses getting in the way, and that makes me very happy.

By Christine

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Don’t you feel kind of naked without your glasses? My dogs ate my regular glasses so I’ve been wearing my (very lightly) tinted prescription sunglasses and I’ve thought about getting contacts but I just feel naked. Even when I’m not wearing my glasses I still find myself making motions to nudge them up from the bridge of my nose. I don’t think I could adjust very well.

(Side note – the majority of the time, when a contact jumps out of your eye it lands on your chest. Most people immediately bend over to look on the floor and end up losing the contact off their shirt. So if it pops out, check your cleavage cuz I bet that’s where you’ll find it!)

I did feel naked at first. Now I feel like I’m behind a wall with my black glasses on, like everything is outlined with a thick black marker. My metal frames are a little better, but it’s annoying having the blurry outer edges.

I think I went to glasses because I needed that wall to hide behind though. There was a lot going on back then, and my life is very different today…

If you are eligible, I highly recommend Lazik. I had it when it was still RK and it was the best decision I ever made. I was -9 diopters, so was not able to be corrected to 20/20, however, my vision has improved through the years.

I went through the whole thing with getting contacts, and it wasn’t till they were one for more then 2 hours did anyone find out I have a lump on each eye, at the rim of where the contact rests on my eye and the contact irritated them! So that was about $100 down the drain in a matter of minutes. 🙂 Glasses are it for me till the end of time.

I used to love contacts and hated wearing glasses because I thought it made my nose look bigger. *lol* Anyway, like Rori, I also had Lasik surgery 3 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did in the whole world since I was way blind. 🙂 My contacts were like -9.0 and -9.5 and now I see 20/20. 🙂

I’m making a trip into Amsterdam this week so I get myself a swanky pair of sunglasses.

I’ve been walking around blinded by the sun and suffering from headaches 5-years too long. 🙂

I envy the people who can wear contacts. I tried once, but my blinking instincts are just too good. I can’t stand having anything near my eye. After two hours I was extremely stressed and hadn’t managed to get even one contact in, so I gave up. The idea of surgery freaks me out even more, so I guess I’m destined to suffer through glasses the rest of my days.

I was told a (probably apocryphal) story by a friend once about a guy who went to take out his contacts and couldn’t take out one for some reason he couldn’t understand. He poked around and eventually managed to catch a corner with his fingernail and when he ducked forward to lift it out he realised that it was sitting on the carpet at his feet and he’d managed to peel part of his cornea off…

…so anyway, I wear glasses.

i go back and forth between contacts and glasses, almost daily. i did go for a long period of time this last winter with ONLY my glasses, but lately, i’ve been back to contacts again. during the summer months, i just NEED to be able to wear my sunglasses and i’ve never broken down and bought any that had my prescription in them….just seems like a lot of money for something that i’m sure to LOSE! 😉

I wore contacts when I was in college, but I switched back to glasses when I graduated and I’ve stuck with them ever since. I feel naked without them (I’ve been wearing glasses for over 20 years now and I’m not even 30) and I look better with glasses–at least that’s what the important people in my life say.

It never would even occur to me to take my glasses off to take a picture–I wouldn’t be able to see a damned thing, which I expect defeats the purpose.

And that peeling cornea story? Thanks for adding yet another thing to my list of eye things that creep me out. Right up there with detached retinas…

The youngest got her lenses at 11 for gymnastics and I have been wearing mine since I was 15. The oldest got them when she was about 12 I think.

We use the disposible 3 month lenses. I couldn’t live with my glasses on non-stop for those 6 weeks this past Spring, I got headaches and I just hated them!

I guess I’m too used to contacts!

I tried contacts back in the mid-80’s, wore them for a few years, then went back to glasses. I never got used to sticking those things onto my eyeballs.

But back in those days, giant frames were fashionable. And when you are as nearsighted as I am…the larger the frame, the thicker the lenses. That was the attraction for contacts at that time.

Since I gave up contacts, my frames got smaller and smaller, until I got the ones I have now. You saw them…they are very much like yours, except mine are blue. I had originally gotten them as a back-up pair (I was getting presecription sunglasses, and Sears Optical was having a buy one get one free sale). I had never had such small and dark-colored frames before. I wasn’t sure if I’d want to wear them all the time. But the optician guy and Mike said they looked good (I couldn’t see how I looked!), so I got them.

And now I love them, and wear them most of the time, and my other, light brown glasses are now the back-up pair.

The make and model of mine is “Revlon 1045 48/18”. I wonder if we have the same glasses, but different colors?

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