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Tell Me It Isn’t True…

Please Robyn, queen of all good and juicy star gossip, please tell me that the evil rumor I heard on the news earlier that J. Ho might marry Ben Affleck isn’t true. I mean, that’s a joke – right? Say it isn’t so!

Yo! J. Ho! Get your hands off of Ben!

By Christine

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12 replies on “Tell Me It Isn’t True…”

Didn’t I read somewhere, in some well know accurate publication (like the National Enquirer, or was it The Star) that Ben was gay? Well if it’s in print, then it’s gotta be true.

Gee Jenni, isn’t he supposed to be *Matt’s* boy (according to The Enquirer, which we all *know* is true)? Oh, well, I suppose you can always settle for Pauly Shore. Or how about Tom Green? He’s supposed to be divorced from Drew by now.

Oddly enough, I just bought a People magazine tonight with both of them plastered across the front. The tag line reads:

“Red-Hot Romance. A diamond bracelet, a big surprise party, nights in Miami, New York and L.A. Not bad for one week.”

That’s just not good. Her bed’s probably still warm for gosh sakes.

you want the whole story? j-lo dates puffy… puffy no good for rep (cuz of all his legal troubles), so j-lo “breaks up” with puffy, marries dancer cris judd. still fucking puffy, tho. treats cris judd like hired help. divorce imminent, cris stands to make lotsa money from divorce, settles for $13.5 million. j-lo still fucking puffy, now known as p.diddy. j-lo also hooks up w/ affleck. PR people love this; make it much more than it is. affleck loves it too… helps to kill rumors about him and matt.

j ho is a mother fucking ho who dont get tired of new dicks.I hope Affleck knows that he`ll soon get old and be discarded.geeeee she sucks really bad

I have one thing to say to you -> F*** You!!
leave j.lo alone, u don’t know anything about her life, u just know the s*** that media tells.

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