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The Houston Texans are playing their first game tonight. The Houston Texans are playing their first game tonight. No, really, the Houston Texans are playing their first game tonight. Yeah, that’s all I’ve heard on the news for the past 24 hours, so I figured you should have to endure it too. All I have to say is that I’m still thankful that we ran Bud Adams out of town. Creepy toupee man.

I wanted to watch “Crossing Jordan” tonight so I could get my fill of Boston scenery, but I discovered that “Meet My Folks” is on instead. Like an accident that you can’t help but look at, I actually left it on. Not entirely sure why, but I’m glad – in that twisted way – that I did. When they watched the video tape where the friend told the parents that the guy had stopped at the state line and had sex – right there under the “you are now entering” sign, pardon the pun – I couldn’t help but laugh. This Dad on this show is just cracking me up. He’s crying because he has to send one of the guys home! That’s classic. Meanwhile, I’m so thankful that I have a son!

By Christine

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Yea, that’s all I heard yesterday too…and I don’t live in Houston or Texas for that matter. I live in Fresno. The city that gave Houston their new first round draft pick QB. This town LOVES him!! He farts and it makes the daily news. 😉

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