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Ten Years Today…

Today my son turned 10. It has been a weekend full of emotions. Last night we attended a Mother-Son dance at his school, and of course he didn’t want to dance with me. As I looked at the girls in his class I realized that in just a few more years he will want to date them. He already thinks Camille is cute. Where have the years gone? Before he went to sleep I went in to his room to ask him if I could snuggle with him. I know that this time won’t last much longer, and I couldn’t stand the thought of letting the moment pass. I asked him if he would still let me snuggle with him when he is 10, and he said he would. Where do the years go? The first thing he did this morning when he got up was come in to my room to ask me if he could come snuggle with me. Maybe this growing-up thing won’t be all bad.

Today we had a birthday party at Mountasia. The other boys from Cub Scouts joined us, along with the boys who live across the street from my parents. We played miniature golf, drove the go-carts and the boys went on the bumper boats. Ice cream cake and birthday presents – all of the ingredients of what makes a birthday special. We had a really fun time. And just like that … we are in to the double-digit years. Wow. Just 6 years from now he will be old enough to get a driver’s license. 8 years from now he will be able to vote. 11 years and he will legally be allowed to drink.

Where has the time gone? What happened to my little baby? While a lot has changed in my life, and I have made mistakes along the way, I am so very thankful that he is my son. I am proud of the person that he is growing up to be. He is intelligent, funny, and just an all-around good kid. And on this special day, I wish him a very happy 10th birthday.

By Christine

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Where has the time gone? Well, the time is still there. YOU on the other hand, have slipped down the slope of time with everything else in the universe.

How to reach back into that time long ago, well, that’s the trick. If you anchor yourself too strongly into it, whether through remorse or anger, you tear yourself apart. If you do not reach back to it now and then, you lose meaning.

Happy Birthday, Jason! You know, with you being a single mom and him being raised primarily only by you – I bet he will let you snuggle with him whenever you want. He is going to respect the hell out of you, Christine. 🙂 He’s going to be such a good young man. 🙂 I hope his birthday was enjoyable for both of you.

Happy 10th birthday, Jason. Christine, hang on to the special times with you and Jason. Time does slip by us quicker than we want. I know. Kahea is 10 and baby Kai is already 5 weeks old — where has the time gone?!

That is so sweet. I almost cried. Your son sounds wonderful, and it sounds like you are a great mom! To many more years of snuggling!! Oh, and I am lovin that he is sweet on a girl named Camille!!

ahh, the turning 10 thing – I remember being so excited to finally have 2 digits in my age. Happy Birthday Jason – you are a lucky kiddo to have such a great mom 🙂
Ms. Ch, you do know how emotional I’ve been lately; I couldn’t stop a tear while reading this!

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