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Thanks to Julie and everyone

Thanks to Julie and everyone else (Naomi, Chelsey, Sandra…) for the comfort the past few days. I have been on a *huge* roller coaster of emotions since Tuesday. BIG. Where I was all settled and feeling cozy before, now I feel complete upheaval. More then I have since the day I told the Insignificant Other that I couldn’t take it any more. Blah. I ended up exchanging e-mails with him on Tuesday & then talking to him, and in the end I wound up making myself sick. We haven’t talked since January. I wasn’t even this upset when we broke up. A lot was revealed that I didn’t know, there were a lot of wrong impressions on both sides. A lot of feelings are on the surface now that I had buried pretty deep for the past 2 months. I am in zombie mode. Naomi was right – pictures don’t tell the whole story. There is a lot to this, and it is more then I am ready to write about right now. Maybe tonight, or tomorrow. Soon. I know writing about it will help me sort it all out, but I am not there yet.

On a different note, I will post the pictures later from lunch with Naomi on Monday, and write more about that too. I am glad she has been a great sounding board through all of this. Yesterday we went to grab a bite (and she listened to me babble about the whole IO situation) and then to the grocery store so I could get a money order, and when we left the grocery store we could see a big storm coming in, hail and all. You can visit Laura’s site to see a storm photo from our office building. It was pretty cool, although I did leave my desk because I am a bit too close to a window for a storm like that! I didn’t have power most of last night, which kept me offline. Fortunately, it was on long enough for me to cook dinner. Everything is back to normal now, and it is nice and sunny outside today. Gorgeous.

I am going back to my thoughts now… trying hard to bury myself in my work, hoping that I will stop thinking. It isn’t working very well, but I am trying. Time will tell…

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