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Reading through links, I came across a recent post at Anil’s site. He says, “if Enron and Global Crossings and, probably, Arthur Andersen can get (effectively or even literally) shut down for violating the trust of their clients, can we just shut down the Catholic Church, too? What would we do to any other institution that was an incubator for molestors? I’d much rather have someone mismanage my accounting than rape my child.”

I have been a member of the Catholic Church for 32 years now. To say that it is an “incubator for molestors” is just … serious overkill. I’m not saying that there are no issues here, don’t get me wrong. What is happening right now in the media is proof that there are issues, I’m not denying that. But there are issues in the world in general. Corruption and problems should not lead to calling for shutting down an entire institution. I have yet to meet a priest that has molested anyone. Yes, one of the priests at my current parish had an affair with the married office secretary and she left her husband, he left the priesthood and they ran off together. But that’s the most extreme issue I think I have ever personally come across.

We have corrupt politicians. Does that make us call for an end to government? I know, let’s shut down Congress because some might be corrupt. Really, after Bill Clinton & his scandals, let’s just not have presidents any more.

There is a lot more to the Catholic Church then the priests. It is made up of many, many people. And I’m one of them. We are one body, and a living, growing one at that. There have been many changes in the Catholic Church in my lifetime. I hope that the current pressure put on the church by the media helps us to overcome this issue. But shutting it down is not the answer as such a blanket generalization implies that every priest is corrupt. That is far from the truth.

I don’t normally write about religion here. But that just couldn’t be passed up. It’s not even an issue of it being my religion – I would feel the same if it was any other group. Just because there are issues with some members doesn’t mean it’s all corrupt. Enron is a very different situation because we were lead to believe that they had tons of money that they just don’t have. That doesn’t mean every employee of Enron is evil. All of Arthur Andersen isn’t evil. The people who did the wrongdoings should not go unpunished though, and the same goes for the Catholic Church.

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The only difference between the catholic church and every other religious organization is that it was made public. This happens everywhere with every organization. Disbanding it is not the answer. Punishing the people who do the wrong thing is. One day, people will understand that.

I can’t form an opinion based on “good” or “bad” in this case. I know that this past week, the only thing when I turn on the TV has been about the Catholic priests, the Jews and Arabs fighting and the religious war that have some talking silently. It’s sorely tested my faith. I like the good ole days when being faithful also meant being at peace {with yourself and the world around you.}

As you know, this is a HUGE issue in Boston right now. SO many people are feeling hurt and betrayed by the institution they look to for faith and guidance. I hope the lesson learned from this crisis, and it really isn’t a pleasant one, is that no where are you completely safe. You can never completely let your guard down. If your priest (or boy scout leader or teacher) says they would like to take your son on a private little retreat — good god! Ask questions! Parents need to also take responsibility by asking questions of their children’s caretakers. Sick people are all around us. We must protect those who cannot protect themselves — children!

I don’t know how much you’ve heard about the cases here in Boston. In one of them, a priest (who likely sexually abused hundreds of boys) attended the conference that gave birth to NAMBLA — and spoke out on the many positive merits of a physical relationship between men and boys! And it was church records that showed this! And yet the church continuted to assign him to places where he would have close contact with children! It’s truly unbelievable what was allowed to happen.

But I also realize and agree with Vinny — the Catholic Church isn’t the only place this is happening. I hope people can widen their focus and see that.

The corruption accusations are not targetted so much at the priests who commit the acts, but at those who help cover them up. There have been ongoing scandals about this here in Ireland for some years now, and it’s starting to look very bad indeed for the Catholic Church – nothing like this is evident in any of the other branches of Christianity.

[Disclosure: I’m pagan, raised Church of Ireland (Anglican)]

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