Yes, They Can…

Candi wrote about a mother suing Marilyn Manson for providing her daughter with cocaine, and the daughter’s later death after using it.

She writes “when a drunk gets behind the wheel and causes an accident, the drunk can’t sue the bar or the bartender for serving him alcohol – that would be ridiculous.”

Ridiculous or not, yes, the drunk can sue the bar AND the bartender. Can, have, and won. I worked at a restaurant where it happened here in Houston. After learning about the bartender being sued I was very careful about cutting my customers off if they were going a bit overboard.

By Christine

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this related to one of the things that really annoys me about america (i generalise) and increasingly here in the uk. it’s all about finding someone to blame and sueing them.

i look at cases like this and think “why does no-one want to apportion any blame to the adult that had done this?”

i feel sorry for people like bartenders that have had to become other peoples conciences purely to save their own asses! if i go into a pub, drink too much and fall off a building it’s my fault. i’m an idiot!

ahhrrggghhh – sorry, i’m not articulating well.

IMHO stuff like this all relates back to personal responsibilty in that no one seems to be willing to take it. we have become enmeshed in a society where it always has to be someone elses fault – especially when the death of someones child through misfortune is involved.

ok – sorry – i’ll go now……….

I completely agree with you. American society has become very lawsuit happy, and the person that DID the drugs (or drinks and drives) is the one truly responsible. Lately you have to look at everything from the angle of “will I be sued?” That’s just sad.

No, I got the same point that Marc got. I was simply stating that it does happen in our society that the bartenders are sued – and I agreed with Marc, it’s sad & pathetic. When I was in a car accident 10 years ago, everyone asked why we weren’t suing the truck driver that hit us. Why? The insurance covered the car, we lived and walked away. After working 5 years for a corporate law firm, you would be amazed at the stupid stuff people sue over – and I think it’s very wrong…

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