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The Accidental Photo Shoot!

Accidental Photo Shoot

Much better if you view it large.

Last Friday I made a quick trip down to Galveston to take shots for my friend Shelley’s storytelling website. While we were up on the rooftop of the Tremont, I spotted this cute couple on the other side. I had snapped a photo of them earlier as they sat by the railing, enjoying the great weather we were having.

As I was switching memory cards, I heard her … Crying? Squealing? Laughing? All of the above? I’m not really sure. It was enough to make me turn around though and start snapping more photos of them. I then walked closer to Shelley & told her that I thought he had just proposed.

We both got a bit teary. Yeah, I’m a sap like that. As soon as we had a chance, we called out to them and asked if he had just proposed. When she said yes, and that he had totally surprised her, we then told them that I had taken photos of them seconds after it happened.

It was a happy twist of fate.

We all exchanged business cards, he immediately asked about buying prints, and she asked if he had planned the fact that I was there too. (Not sure what else he had surprised her with!) I told her he had not – but I am still so thrilled that I was there!

By Christine

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6 replies on “The Accidental Photo Shoot!”

What great timing you have! Great photo too.

(When I saw this photo and the last one you posted, I thought “I’ll have to get Christine to shoot my wedding”. Then I thought, “Oh, I think I might have skipped a few steps…” oh well.)

I could almost cry all over again! They were so totally adorable. You didn’t tell everybody about the OTHER couple who tried to get your attention by making out so you would take THEIR picture. I thought that was the highlight of the whole evening! It was great to meet you, and I look forward to seeing the pics you took of me, DH, and the spinning wheel.

[…] I’m gearing up now to go and take formal engagement photos today for this couple, after catching this one just over a week ago down in Galveston. I was at the Tremont taking photos with Shelley when I heard crying/squealing/laughter behind me. I turned around and started shooting. This was the first photo I caught. […]

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