Picture Time Portrait Sessions

Cooper, in Black & White

Gently Sleeping

I think this just might be my favorite shot from the whole session. Newborn photography makes me just a little bit giddy! (I posted it in color too.)

Portrait Sessions

The Big Red Couch…

Big Red Couch

I always knew I would adore Kandis, Julia’s daughter. I mean, first of all, her blog is pink. Then there is the whole Trivial Pursuit thing at the top. (I was always the winner until I met Kymberlie & Mike. I bow to their wisdom of useless crap.) But the second I walked in her door for Cooper’s newborn portrait session, the deal was sealed.

That big red couch is FABULOUS.

As I was taking photographs of Cooper, I looked at the couch. I knew a photo was waiting there for us. Now we can use it for scale in future sessions. She may not even know that I took this one (as the portraits are uploading to her gallery right now), but she has already posted one of him sitting there, and I can see how big he has grown in a month!

I’ll spare you all the duplicate post this time. More on Flickr and over at the Fresh Photography blog later today!

Picture Time Portrait Sessions

We Are Family…

This week is going to be all about editing photos for Fresh Photography, so hang on – it is going to be a busy time around here! (I’ll probably be cross-posting from the Fresh Photography blog several times, since it will be my main focus all week!)

First up, the Mother’s Day weekend session! The Alleys have been married for 50 years, and since everyone was gathering to celebrate, we set up a big family portrait session for that Saturday afternoon. We met in Hermann Park at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and found a nice quiet spot to set up. We captured all sorts of family combinations while we were there – just the parents, the parents with the grandchildren, the parents with the children, the children & their families, the grandchildren together, just the older granddaughters – you name it, we did it! When Donna contacted me to find out if it would be a session fee for each family, I told her no because that just wouldn’t make sense. A session fee is for 1-2 hours of my time, and since it was all one big family, why not make the most of it? I don’t see any reason to limit a session based on the number of people involved!

Here are a few favorites of mine from the day – the parents and the children, and one of the big group shots with all 20 people in it – and no one is blinking!

50th Anniversary Session

50th Anniversary Family Portrait

Picture Time Portrait Sessions

Such Stunning Blue Eyes…

Pssst… want to know a secret? We redesigned the Fresh Photography site! It isn’t quite done yet, and won’t be for another week or so as I work up updating the Flash portfolios, but it is getting pretty close! I haven’t made a big hoopla over it yet, but I couldn’t sit on it any longer either! We even set it up to have all of the artistic prints together (under artwork) and we added a blog section too! An easy way to point out all the latest updates as we make them. Now that Elaine is back from her trip to New York (yeah!), she can start posting there too!

Props again are in order for Jennifer of ScriptyGoddess for making it all happen. She stripped it down, rebuilt it all from the ground up, gave us clean and pretty CSS code, a blog to match, and every last bit of functionality we requested. She also built our art print shopping cart system for us in the last revision of the site. I can not possibly say enough great things about her!

I’m cross-posting again from that blog to this one. Seems to be happening a lot lately, but it should slow down in the future. I just couldn’t resist sharing the latest senior photos! I posted one of them already, but as the proof are uploading right now to Pictage, I wanted to share some more. By the way, did you know that if you reserve a session date before now and the end of May, you can get it at a crazy reduced rate? Just book it by the end of the month – the actual session can take place any time this summer! – and you get the session for the portfolio building rate of $75 with a $50 gift certificate for prints! Let me know if you want more details!

I had the hardest time converting any of these photos to black & white – Kenneth has the best deep blue eyes! He was in town visiting for a family event, and he asked his mom (Hi Robin!) to contact me so we could set up a senior session for him. He originally wasn’t going to do pictures for his graduation announcements, but changed his mind she said after looking through some of our other work. What an honor! He was so much fun to work with, and we had a really good time. I loved working with him!

These four shots are probably the more “diverse” of the bunch. There was a nice mix of traditional and not traditional shots, so he has a good selection to choose from. Most of them in color of course, because how could I resist? (I shoot everything in color and convert to black & white post-processing. Gives me more leverage that way!)

The Look

Rock Album Cover

Ready for the World

Those Blue Eyes!

Picture Time Portrait Sessions Travel Notes

Manhattan Sunset…

Manhattan Sunset

One of my favorite shots of the sunset over Manhattan, as viewed from Fulton Ferry Landing at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. So much better if you view it large.

Before I could finish editing the photos from my trip to Philly and New York, I had to wrap up the proofs from the latest engagement session. Amy & Zach were so fabulous to work with, I’m actually using one of their photos in an upcoming magazine ad! Yes, I took the plunge last week, and there will be a Fresh Photography ad in a future wedding magazine. How cool is that?

Next up – senior portraits, newborn portraits, cotillion fashion show photographs, and the family reunion / 50th anniversary photographs from this weekend. My goal is to make it through as many of them as possible this week, then tons of updates to the website! Hang on tight – it is going to be a fast ride!