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The Birds and the Bees…

I’m so tired. Even with 7-8 hours of sleep per night, I am dragging. I am so happy that we are done with our Chemistry lectures. I don’t have any classes on Wednesday, or next Monday. Yeah! We are in the final stretch now, and there is still so much to do. I will be scarce over the next week, and here is why:

– Tonight: Finish last roll of film; gather images for birds & bees project; prepare slides for birds & bees project; finally write paper on historical photographer.
– Tomorrow: Photography class – develop final roll of film, print final 3 prints to turn in for grades. Biology – present project on the birds and the bees to class. Well, actually going over the reproductive cycles of vertebrates.
– Wednesday: NO CLASSES! w00t! Study for Biology lab practical & unit 4 test.
– Thursday: Last day in the darkroom for photography; turn in portfolio. Biology – lab practical over vertebrates followed by unit 4 exam.
– Friday: MOM’s group, start to study for finals.
– Saturday – Monday: study, study, study.
– Tuesday – Biology final, 2pm.
– Wednesday – Chemistry final, 11am.
– Thursday – Photography final, 1pm. (Taking on alternate day so it isn’t the morning of the Biology final. Could take on 5/4/06, but want more darkroom time.)
– Friday – Margarita time! (Just kidding. I’ll be too tired after all that to lift a margarita.)

I finished my second sock (pictured below) this weekend, and started a new sock. I don’t think it is going to be big enough though, so I’m going to frog it and start over. I’m using size 000 needles with Trekking XXL yarn, 60 stitch sock pattern, and it seems to pull just a little too much. I think a 64 stitch pattern would be a better option. I have recently done a lot of socks in Trekking XXL though, so I might put it back in the stash and knit up my Cherry Tree Hill in Spanish Moss instead. I need a change of pace. I also worked on the Lady Eleanor shawl yesterday, finishing two and a half tiers of knitting. I love how it is turning out, but I’m afraid that by making it 8 blocks across a tier instead of 7, it is going to be too wide. I need to decide soon, because if I’m going to frog it I want to frog it now before I go any further!

My strange dreams have been back lately. Last Friday, I had a dream that I was going to knit the Koigu blanket that Wendy had on her site recently, and while Twisted Yarns still couldn’t carry full skeins of Koigu (they are mean and will only let one shop in the area carry it, even though they are something like 30 miles apart), they were allowed to carry small mini skeins of Koigu, so they had the yarn for the blanket and I was buying it all up.

Does that mean that I really need a Koigu fix now that “Use What You Have Month” is over?

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4 replies on “The Birds and the Bees…”

You need Koigu. I don’t know if you need to knit a baby blanket, but maybe a little Koigu – maybe a sock – just SOMETHING to feed the frenzy!!

Did I tell you I bought more Koigu – just a sock . . . pics tomorrow.


But I have a whole bag of Koigu, so I shouldn’t need more, right?

I bet I brought the dream on because I was looking through the bag, fondling the yarn, and trying to think of the *perfect* project for each one. You can’t knit it if you don’t have the perfect project for it!

you don’t need more koigu, Christine! you have so many… and probably even more! i have seen your stash! hahaha

hey, it looks like you’re going to be too busy for us to get together before i finally leave. 🙁 let me know when i can be squeezed in your busy schedule.

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