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The Finale of The Amazing Race…

The Amazing Race this year was … well, amazing. Yeah, ok, that was lame – but while I still consider season 1 the best, this season was really, really, really good. I enjoyed it a lot. Jason even got in to it this season, and so we watched the finale together this afternoon. My team won. He was cheering for the team that ended up in second place. He kept complaining whenever my team would get ahead, and I finally had to tell him to stop. Commentary during high-stress season finales is just not cool.

This season had a lot of memorable quotes in it, but my favorite from the finale had to be when Chip said, “we’re on like Donkey Kong!” I think I’m going to use that one all the time now.

Spoilers in the comments. Don’t read them if you don’t want to know the final results. For the rest of you (I’m looking right at Promo and Meryl), I would LOVE to know your thoughts on The AMAZING Race!

(Donna, it’s still on my Tivo. I’ll see if I can get my VCR to work and make you a copy. I think they may be showing it again on Saturday too, so there is still a chance for you to see it!)

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CHIP AND KIM WON!!! WHOO HOO!!! Chip and Kim WON!!! I was so happy, I almost cried. Misty-eyed and everything. Seriously. Man, I loved Chip and Kim.

How about that whole thing at the airport? Normally the airport is the “great equalizer” and yet they totally scored by getting in late and getting the news first about the cancellation! I just knew that would be key to them winning the final leg. I’m still so happy that they won! Whoooo hooo!!!

I love that Colin & Christy were all bitter about the Yield thing. Uh, hello? It’s a RACE. For a million dollars. You know, they weren’t blocking airport doors and refusing to let other people in, or trying to steal cabs – they used a Yield. A perfectly fair tactic in the race, and you paid the price for it. Deal. (They had the lead back for awhile and lost it again, so it’s all their own fault.)

I was also very impressed with the Soccer Moms. Sure, they whined a lot. I probably would have too. But to have made it to the end like that, and *so* close to knocking out Colin and Christy … I was impressed. Way to go, Soccer Moms!

i’m glad they won!!!
the mean guy and his doormat were too cocky.
and the christian couple were so snobby,
like god was only for them and zzzzz.
i did love alison & donny and also
my favorite little person & cousin.
love them. amazing race finale,
totally better than big brother.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that Colin and Christie did not win. Chip and Kim deserved it, and how poetic is it that they won by being late to the airport to make their flight arrangements?

Oh, and it’s all Tiffany’s fault that I got into The Amazing Race this year. She’s the reason we TiVoed it.

finally a team that i actually loved won! totally dug chip & kim – think i would have vomited if colin and christie won (the jackarse proposed to christie on the early show the next day…. *rolling my eyes*)

I was surprised he didn’t propose at the finish line. I was seriously expecting it. Colin grew on me over time, but I still didn’t want him to win. I liked him more than Brandon & Nicole though. Colin was more in to playing the game, which added some fun to it. However, there was the sweet poetic justice to Chip & Kim being late to the airport. That was fabulous!

I screamed and clapped when Chip and Kim won! Even though they are fellow Texans, I desperately wanted Colin and Christie to be eliminated.

And how about those Bowling Moms?? They really impressed me. I didn’t think they could climb to the bridge or scale the rock, but they did. They should be very proud.

Brandon & Nicole? Well, I guess God wanted them to have third place! 😉

I don’t think I would’ve chosen Dallas. If it was supposed to be a plug for tourism, why in the world would you send them to the stockyards in Fort Worth?? Ewww. And frankly, the visuals of that traffic would steer me away!!

Austin would’ve been a better choice. Except for maybe the traffic part.

I agree that TAR this season was the best since season 1. I am thrilled Chip/Kim won. I have been rooting for them and Brandon/Nicole since day one.

However, my favorite line of the season was from Colin:

My ox is broken!

I can’t wait until the next one starts next month. I am in a league and it makes it even more fun to watch the show.

Tee hee! I loved the broken ox line too!

I agree, I don’t know if I would have picked Dallas/Ft. Worth for the finish line. I can think of so many better cities then that. Then again, there has always been that Houston/Dallas rivalry…

I am enjoying watching the AR 6. I am rooting for Kris & Jon. They seem to be the only ones that never seem to fight and work as a team

Colin and Christie not winning just made my day. Ok they are smart, they are fast, BUT unfortunately they lack integrity. Comeon watch the play back yourself and see if it was the ox or yourself that was broken!

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