The Golden Globes Through our Eyes…

Here it is, the rest of the input on the Golden Globes from Meryl and me!

– Neither of us has seen “A Beautiful Mind” but we both want to.
Aiden from Sex in the City was Sarah Jessica Parker’s escort. We still want to know where Matthew Broderick was. No gab online about them being broken up or anything. Meryl looked.
– Meryl’s husband agreed with me about Sela Ward’s dress.
– Denise as Charlie Sheen’s fiancee is … spooky. “She dreamt I would win.” Ok. Still surprised he beat out Will from “Will & Grace”.
– If Matthew Broderick & Sarah have broken up he can marry me & I would never leave him. (Prompted by Meryl asking if stars can ever stay married…)
– We laughed about the clip they featured from Frasier where he is told by Lilith that he is “alone because he is afraid of being alone” and all of the other women of his life are there. (Diane, his mother, the hippy wife). Also amused by the clip from Friends – “You used the Europe story!” I loved that episode…
– Kristin Davis from Sex in the City is very pretty.
– The Judy Garland special which won best mini-series was VERY good according t Meryl.
– I didn’t like Band of Brothers. I couldn’t keep the characters straight and the moving camera film style makes me sick to my stomach.
– Keifer Sutherland looked … over tanned. Fake, weird. Then we realized the tan wasn’t that bad, it was the fact that his lips were *really* pale! Almost white, against this really tan face. Strange. I’m glad that “24” was recognized.
Andie McDowell is one of those classic beauties. Very pretty lady.
Judy Davis, who played Judy Garland, looks so much like the real woman! Meryl said she really *believed* she was Judy Garland in the movie. Glad she won for her portrayal of her.
– Leelee Sobieski looks sooooo much like Helen Hunt that I thought it was Helen Hunt at first! Meryl’s husband said the EXACT same thing at the same time!
Nicole Kidman could have looked prettier tonight. I have seen her look so fabu this year… We agreed that it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and know the real story between her & Tom. I didn’t like Nicole much before this year, “Malice” was her only film that I liked. “Moulin Rouge” changed that for me – she was amazing.
– Meryl’s son even got into the action & typed his name to me.
Nicole WON! Nicole WON! Best actress in a Musical or Comedy movie. YEAH!!! She was soooo good in that movie, and when I first saw the previews I thought it would be the lamest movie ever. It was so good! I was so wrong! Viva Moulin Rouge!
– Not to digress, but whoever wrote that opening song should be bitchslapped HARD.
– I’ve been buttonated. And today is Meryl’s birthday. (We talked about other things besides the Golden Globes!)
– Jennifer Garner from Alias completely freaked out when she won. It was great. I love humble moments like that. She looked gorgeous in that red dress.
– Moulin Rouge won Best Original Score! The music was GREAT. Yeah! I’m so happy!
– Best Supporting Actress on TV (something…) was won by Rachel Griffiths of Six Feet Under. Funky dress. Flapper fringe gone mad. PINK. Ack!
– About Mike Meyers & Cameron Diaz: Mike looks like a freak with no hair. Cameron looks like crap in that dress. Mike’s hair must be for a role. Or Austin Powers. Cameron’s dress is so ’60s. “Ogre-night success” TOO much hard laughter about their own jokes while presenting the awards. Totally fake. I don’t like Cameron’s blue & maroon dress. Looks like a beach towel.
– Oh, John Corbette from Sex in the City is hot too. (Aiden … Sarah Jessica Parker’s date.)
– Can’t believe Six Feet Under won best Drama on TV! It’s a good show, but they had such strong competition!
– Me: Ben Affleck. Yum. I dreamt a few weeks ago that I was dating him! ROFL! Meryl: He was great in Chasing Amy. I liked him then… now he is a big star. Everyone wants him.
– Harrison Ford looked like he was in pain while they were giving him the Cecil B. Demile award. Me: He should be HAPPY! Getting the cool award! Meryl: Maybe his chin scar is acting up. Maybe he thinks he is old since most are older when they get it. (He went on to make jokes about “in a category where all my competition is dead”.)
– More on Harrison Ford: Awww… such nice applause. Now I am misty-eyed. I like him. He looks weird with an earring, but I do like his work very much. But he is talking funny. Like an old man. Wow, his nose is crooked. Sounds like a stroke victim almost. Meryl’s husband said he sounded kind of “slur-ry” and maybe it was because he was nervous.
– Ron Howard is getting so old! 🙁 Makes me feel old! Meryl said she loved Ron Howard in the Music Man.
– All Victoria Secret commercials should be banned. Scrawny ass non-child-bearing women. We agreed that we HATE skin and bones look. The chick in the commercial tonight was pretty. Not too bony. But I still wouldn’t do her. (Note references to the fact that I would do Will from Will & Grace, Ben Affleck or Matthew Broderick. But not her.)
– Best Comedy or Musical Movie:
Me: Bridget Jones was good. Gosford Park looks good.
Me: Come on Moulin Rouge!
Me: I didn’t know Shrek was #1 in the box office overall for the year.
Me: MOULIN ROUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my reaction when they won. Meryl still hasn’t seen it.)
– About Nicole Kidman after the Moulin Rouge award, Meryl said: Paul and I were saying that we can hear Nicole’s head saying… “look at me Tom, *uck you … I am better than you. My movie won an award… I won award, etc.” (I laughed hard. Out loud.)
– We don’t think Russell Crowe is good looking.
– Meryl doesn’t think Brad Pitt is cute either, but I think he is sometimes. We thought he was funny on Friends with the “I Hate Rachel Club” thing. Especially funny since they are married in real life.
– Fear Factor will be on NBC while the halftime show is on Fox. In case the guys care, it will be Playmates on this episode. In bikinis. Sexist pigs.
– “A Beautiful Mind” won the Best Drama category, but since neither one of us have seen it we didn’t have much to say about it! We both agreed that WE have beautiful minds though!

That about wraps it up. Happy Birthday Meryl! It’s always fun watching TV with you! We’ll have to do it again soon … when does The Amazing Race return? *grin*

By Christine

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Russell is a sexy sexy man. I am big on eyes. You can tell he holds nothing back. He is very straightcoming. It’s funny though. I also think Brad Pitt is a sexy man. Another pair of beautiful eyes. I know why I just love looking at them though. It’s because they both have the same kind of soul-bare-ing eyes that my ex-boyfriend had. The both look exactly like him. Brad more than Russell but both are so similar that there is no way I couldn’t think they were sexy!

Here’s to a long comment:

*What was with Aidan escorting her? And then a big ‘ol smooch on the lips?! And then she didn’t even thank Matthew. Well goodness!
* There is something about that Spin City role. Mike Fox won it like 2 years in a row, right? And now Charlie? I just don’t think that he was the best out of that catagory. Ah well.
* I kick myself for not seeing that Judy Garland movie. Damn it!
* I loved BoB’s butt it was too gory. Ah well. It was good though.
* Keifer needed some lipstick, right? He was over tanned but his lips were WHITE! It was weird. That boy needed some lipstick, bad. I’m glad he won but he beat James Gandolfini? I just dont think so!
* WTF was up with Nicole Kidmans hair? I’m not sure who helped her choose a hairstyle but they should be shot. Ick. She was adorable though. She was so thankful. 🙂
* I laughed at the over-sillyness of the opening song. They did that last year too.
* YEAH for 6 feet under. That show is the best!!! I’m so glad they won!!
* No comment on Kevin Spacey presenting best comedy? Did he look drunk to anyone else but me? 🙂 I bet he would have been an easy lay last night. Damn! And I was stuck in Austin. Ha!
* Russell Crowe was cute in Proof of Life; short hair and a suit. Yum. Not this long haired hippy shit.

Loved ya’ll recap! Very good!

Only caught the last 45 minutes, does any one know if West Wing won any awards?

I must agree, Rusell Crowe is rather delish, and that aussie accent. *going slightly weak in the knees* 😀

I’m glad Six Feet Under won. With the exception of 24, it’s the best show on television.

Sopranos (season three) sucked ass. It’s no big surprise to me that they didn’t win this year. Hopefully this one will be much better. But Six Feet Under still rocks my socks off. 🙂

And Keifer is hot, white lips or not. Hahah.

OK…’s my idea on why SJP showed up with Aiden. The Golden Globes are live and her husband stars on Broadway right now. No way he could miss a Sunday night show to go to the awards banquet. I have to say great recap….Woo hoo Moulin Rouge won!!! But I am totally miffed that Amelie didn’t win for Foreign film!

Duh! I totally forgot he was still in Mel Brook’s THE PRODUCERS. During the show, I thought he wasn’t in a show. You’re right, Sara. This aging crap doesn’t agree with me… it’s screwing the memory!

From a friend in the know — Matthew was on stage last night during the awards, and the show was being monitored backstage, so he knew that SJP won.

I just wish she’d give him veto power over her ridiculous wardrobe. That frickin’ flower was just beyond dumb.

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