The Great Car Mystery…

The new house is off of Spring Cypress in northwest Houston. Houston is a strange city with no deed restrictions, so instead we live in subdivisions which have deed restrictions. Inbetween the subdivisions, especially on this side of town, you never know what you will find. There is still a farm across the street from my high school, but HP (Compaq) is right down the road with a huge sprawling campus. On Spring Cypress, it’s still pretty undeveloped. They are building now, but there are still individual houses lining the road too.

When we first moved here, I noticed a lot with a chain link fence around it and a mobile home parked inside. After a day or two, I noticed that there was someone in the car – it looked like he was smoking. As time went by, I would look at the car every time we drove past. Would there be someone inside? What would they be doing? Why are they outside instead of in the house? Do they get kicked out when they go to smoke?

It became a game for us. Every time I drove past, I had to look to see if there was someone in the car and I would imagine what they were doing out there. It didn’t matter what time of day it was, a car was always there. It was my job to be spy detective and figure out what was going on.

Until the day that Mike burst my bubble over the whole thing.

I was giving him my report on what I had seen in the mystery car over the past day or two. I had to fill him in because I wanted to know what he had seen. I had to piece this puzzle together, so enlisting him as my spy partner seemed to be only logical.

That was when he told me. He knew the answer. There was no mystery at all.

The person in the car was a security guard. He had seen him get out of the car one day to check the grounds. That’s why some days he was there, but other days I didn’t see him.

It was so simple, but I was disappointed. My game was gone. I looked forward to driving past there to see what was going on, and after hearing the news, I had nothing.

After awhile, there wasn’t a car there any more. I guess they didn’t need a guard for awhile. This morning, I noticed a small SUV with “Securitas” written on it. If that had been there all along, my game would have never even started. It may sound strange, but I still miss my guessing game, trying to figure out why the man was sitting in the car.

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By Christine

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