The Harlot is Coming! The Harlot is Coming!

Making CloudsI know, I haven’t talked about knitting much lately. Know why? I haven’t been knitting. I knit a few rows last week at the ATC meeting, and a few rows when I was in Austin back before the 4th of July. That is it. How sad is that? This is going to have to change this week, and then I need to get a project or two ready to take with me on our upcoming vacation. But before that, I will be driving to Austin at the end of the week to see the Yarn Harlot. Wheee! And really, I can’t head off to do that without a sock in hand. I was going to try to finish my current sock, but since it is the sock that has seen so much action – visiting sights all over London and Texas – I think it needs to meet the Yarn Harlot as I get down to the toe of the sock. Then I can bind off and start the next sock at the Yarn Harlot After Party.

I was feeling a little off today. I think it is the lack of knitting. The serenity of the bedroom helped though. That has been the trade off for my knitting time, obviously. It was a worthwhile trade. Maybe after our vacation I will paint the living room.

Are you coming to Austin to see the Yarn Harlot? Want to join us for the after party? Let me know so I can get you all the details! (I will post them here tomorrow – I have one minor thing to finalize first.)

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