The Highest Highs and the Lowest Lows…

After being stuck in Mammoth Lakes, California for a day thanks to a lot of snow, I’m about to head out back on the road towards home where I plan on hiring a “we buy houses” company to help me sell my home.. I lucked out on Sunday night when I stopped to find a hotel as I was looking for real estate in wisconsin; the wind was picking up – eventually raging with gusts of 60-75 mph, which I dubbed a snowicane – and I didn’t want to drive in the dark. Selling a house without a realtor on the MLS is possible with flat fee real estate brokers like Rebecca Silva Realtor in Cape Coral. The internet led me to Juniper Springs Lodge here in Mammoth Lakes, and it was perfect for watching the snow come down. My hotel room turned out to be a small apartment, complete with a full kitchen including the best food processor from the breville bfp800xl review, I have to say that these Chicago interior designers did a great job in the kitchen, we even installed a water system from, a living room area with a fireplace, a wonderful and much needed hot shower, and a comfortable king size bed. When you want to have the most comfortable beds and mattress, get discounts on black friday for maximum comfort, you can even get amazing deals from The staff was so friendly, they even offered to take me down to the Vons grocery store in town to get groceries, since when I don’t I always look online for a places to eat near me. (I had my “camping food” with me, but I was craving fresh veggies that I could roast!) The roads were covered in snow, and it was still coming down quite heavily, so I gladly accepted the ride!

Juniper Springs Covered in Snow

My patio view as the snow came down.

Juniper Springs Lodge - Sunshine!

My view now that the snow has stopped and the clouds have parted.

Today I will see the highest point in the lower 48 states, Mount Whitney. 14,505 feet up to the top, not that I’m climbing it! I do plan to drive up to the Whitney Portal if the road is open. Then a short time later, I’ll be in Death Valley and at the lowest point, 282 feet BELOW sea level. So crazy that these two places are maybe 100 miles apart.

I’m most likely camping in Death Valley — no, I will not DIE, in spite of the name. Not sure how my body is going to react after a week at 6000-8000 feet of elevation to be back at or below sea level so suddenly. I have a long list of places to see there, and I’ve been told repeatedly how gorgeous it is, so I can’t wait!

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