The Kaycee Story

For those of you that haven’t seen it, here is “the end of the whole mess” by Randall van der Woning (aka BWG). Poor guy. I feel sorry for him – out of everyone he just might have been hurt the most by this situation. I can see how it happened – I can see how it could happen to me quite easily. He is such a nice, helpful guy – he helped me out a few months ago when I was having problems with the “Soul” button over there on the sidebar. *sigh* My heart goes out to him & everyone else effected by this mess. Like so many others, I leave this behind as a reminder that life online isn’t always what you think it is, that people – while normally good, kind & loving – can be quite cruel and malicious. Not that different than “real life” I guess, because I have been taken advantage of by people that I met face to face too. I refuse to live life on the defensive though – I will keep believing in the goodness of people. That is the other lesson I am walking away from this with – witnessing that people can pull together and truly care about someone – even if they have only ever met through the internet.

If you want another take on the story, you can visit and read their article about it.

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