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Whoo Hoo! “Making the Band” returns on June 8th. Just saw a commercial for it. Yeah! I wondered what was going on – they did first episode of this new season back in April, but then nothing. I don’t watch Survivor or any of the other “reality” shows, but I really got into Making the Band last year. Glad it’s finally back! Kymberlie told me today that “Sex in the City” will be back on this Sunday. Could my life be any better?

Speaking of life being better … I had that second interview today & it was *great*. They told me they will be giving me an official offer letter on Friday, but already discussed figures (gooood figures) and so forth with me, including a start date. I am pumped. I am sooooo excited. Man. I am trying to keep myself from getting too excited though until it is formally official. But it is good as done, the VP just has to wait for the CEO to come back into town tomorrow and they will roll! KICK ASS!!! Oops, sorry, trying to remain calm. I still have to weigh out all of my options though, and I am still going on my other interviews already scheduled this week.

Went and had lunch with Kymberlie today at “the usual place” (we go to Olive Garden for the breadsticks and toasted ravioli) and then we went to her fish shop to pick up medicine for her sick fish. Poor fish. On the way back to get her car we witnessed an accident. This pickup truck next to us was bouncing up & down while stopped for the red light – tapping on his breaks to make the truck bounce. When the light turned green the dark car in front of the silver car in front of the truck didn’t move – so the silver car didn’t move – but the truck did! Right into the rear bumper of the silver car. We saw the whole thing, so we pulled over and I gave the lady driving the car my phone number. She called me later to thank me for stopping, and I gave her Kymberlie’s number too in case her insurance company needed it. Sad thing is that we were the only car that stopped. Why don’t people stop when they see an accident? Granted, I wouldn’t stop if I was in a bad part of town & alone. Or if I was on my way to work and my boss would give me hell for being late. But how many of those people could have taken the 10 minutes tops that it took us to stop? I guess I am sensitive about it because I have been in accidents where having a witness really helped. Same with Kymberlie. So stopping, for us, was only natural. Fortunately she wasn’t hurt at all, and the only damage to her car was her bumper and a chipped light.

I just saw a hysterical commercial for Southwestern Bell DSL. (which I can’t get in my area, sad considering where I live at in Houston) This lady is looking out her window and sees her new neighbors moving in. The mother neighbor is signing to her son and says out loud, “Don’t worry, I am sure the new neighbors are nice.” The lady then goes in & gets online using her slow dial-up connection and watches a horrible streaming feed on American Sign Language. She then bakes a pie and takes it out to the kid, who is now shooting hoops. She hands hime the pie and then says to him, “I baked this pie for you.” Meanwhile, the subtitles are showing that she signs, “I baked your dog for you.” The poor kid drops the pie & runs. I was amused. I can’t stop laughing. (Ok, it’s sick, but it was funny!)

And a side note – latest product find. I bought some of the new LipFinity by Max Factor. It’s this cool lip stain stuff that lasts on your lips forever and comes with a gloss that you put over it for a nice shine. For the interview today I had to get “Sassy” (#60) – a nice mauve colored shade. I will admit, the lipstain part feels a bit weird when you put it on at first while you wait for it to dry. But once it’s dry it lasts forever! Doesn’t blot off at all – I tried rubbing it off on a napkin (like you would wipe your mouth after you eat) and not a bit of color came off. I bought a tester size before I bought the full size product – don’t bother with the tester. It seems to be a different consistency and doesn’t feel the same as the full size product. Good stuff, and on sale at my Target for $7.99! Now I just need to remember to pick up refills for the Venus razor when I go to the store tomorrow.

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dammit…stop recommending products! I bought that venus razor. At first I was utterly unimpressed with it, but I’ve noticed that the shave lasts a lot longer after using it a couple times. so great, now i gotta go buy this lipfinity stuff if they have it in a color i like. grr. 😉

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