Birthday Wishes

The List Needs to be Updated!

Thanks to Robyn, I found out that both Mikey and Jason are celebrating their birthday today! Whoo hoooo! Hope you both have a FANTASTIC day! And no matter what, don’t let a case of the Mondays bring you down!

This is further proof that my birthday list *really* needs to be updated. So, if you have a birthday, leave a note in my comments. Please. And don’t tell me that you don’t have a birthday because I know you do!

By Christine

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9 replies on “The List Needs to be Updated!”

first of all — time on posts? very important. people do notice that extra posting effort in the wee hours.

secondly, 12-12.

which i shouldn’t even tell anyone because i never remember anyone else’s, so no one should remember mine. besides, i’m getting to that age i’d rather not have the darn things. *sigh*

1) I agree with kd, I love seeing the time on people’s posts. I just like watching the day progress in some blogs, and knowing when someone’s being an insomniac again.

2) May 29th.

Argh! She wants birthdays? I’m at the point where I’m trying to forget mine, having slide into base at 45. But if you insist, march 12th.

Oh, and hey, Nancy over at just turned 44 today, why don’t you all go wish her a hippo burpday! 🙂

Dude, you were already nice enough to wish me a happy on on May 9, so thanks! And thanks to this post, I spent time reviewing my birthday list in my Palm Pilot – just in time, too! I highly recommend DateMate, if you’re into heavy-duty birthday monitoring.

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