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The Man, Bringin’ Us Down…

You’ve seen Odd Todd, right? Yes, everyone’s favorite unemployed Todd. Until now. In The Man’s attempt to bring him down, the State Department of Labor busted him. Yes, they did. (NYTimes, requires free registration) Seems they felt he was a bit too busy to be considered unemployed. Can you believe it? Mainly because he has had donations. Lots of donations. $9000 in donations. And the Man, he just doesn’t like that. Do we tax pan-handlers begging on a street corner? No. Do we penalize them for being successful at getting donations? No. But he did it in the virtual world, on the Internet, and this … they have an issue with. He used his talents for a good purpose. How is that different from the guy on the street corner with the sign & cup? Huh? Anyone? [via Lightning Field]

By Christine

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Well, I hope he has enough sense then, that if they’re going to start taxing him on that cash, that he claim his internet site, hosting expenses as BUSINESS expenses… because it’ll probably end up still in his favor. From what I understand, the cash he’s gotten isn’t really enough to cover that stuff… so he’ll claim a loss, and get his money back (and any other takes he paid during the year)

hmm…guess it would be nice if I *read the article first* (I didn’t have an account yet, so I just signed up) – I still think he may be okay… maybe some out-of-work dot-com lawyer will help him out… I’ll bet he can claim the money as “gifts”… but like typical government, they’ll make him jump through a dozen hoops, make him feel more miserable than he already is, just to remind him who THE MAN thats keeping him down is.

I think the bigger problem is the fact that he documented himself not searching for work. That’s assuming the Labor Dept. considers the money he received “donations” and not payment for a service — the service being his entertaining website. He basically started a business while collecting unemployment (something that’s been a dream of mine for quite a while), but made the mistake of doing it in public. Double whammy. If I was closer, I’d be all over that drinkfestathon, though.

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