The Mists of Avalon

The Mists of Avalon will be on TNT this coming Sunday & Monday. I must remember to set the TV. The novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley has been one of my favorite books for the past 11 years, since I first read it in 1990. You know a book is good if you remember when you first read it. I have read it three or four times since then. I need to get the other books that are in the “series”, although it is supposedly not quite a series in that you can read them in any order – the same characters are in them though. One review of the film said that the book is a little better, but that is to be expected with a book as long as that one.

By Christine

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I find it amazing to come upon someone who found “The Mists Of Avalon” as interesting as I. King Arthur lore always caught my imagination, but here was a very different spin on the legend. She also wrote a fictional fantasy about Casandra the priestess of Troy. I believe it was called The Firebrand. Another male bashing classic.

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