The New Job!

Today was the first day of my new job – and I love it! Ok, ok, it’s just the first day. But still. I am glad to be back to work. I am *thankful* to have found a job doing exactly what I love – working with clients and selling websites. Writing proposals. I miss my old co-workers. I know that I have a lot to learn ahead of me – learning their procedures, their way of doing things. I love how well documented they have everything – a large Visio flow chart of how the sales process works, who all *has* to be involved, who has to sign off on things, and so forth. Intranet documentation process set up from the initial contact on through the client signing and then continuing once the work is in progress. So far, so good. Made it through Monday! I know that first impressions can be different than reality – but I have a very good vibe. And we all know – the vibe is often right on target.

Yes, last night’s post was at 2 am. I was full of nervous energy and could not sleep. Just couldn’t resist posting an update while I was sort of awake. I watched the episode of Sex in the City from last night on Tivo tonight – it was good. Samantha was toned down this episode, thank goodness. Now I am off to watch/Tivo tonight’s Biography on Robert Reed (aka Mr. Mike Brady). I love the Brady Bunch. Today’s trivia tidbit: the first episode of the Brady Bunch aired on September 26, 1969 – the night before I was born. I think I have seen every episode made. Pork choooops and applesauce! (That always makes me laugh!)

By Christine

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