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Understanding Your Metabolism, IT Salaries Take a Hit, and Seven Principles of Successful Managers Put that one in here in case it is one of the management at my old company reading this daily – figure they could read during their down time instead of this. A good quote from there, “Show Consistent Kindness – Good managers don’t throw their weight around or rely on intimidation to get results.” What a concept! They really need to read that whole article. I see the old company’s entry in my log file almost daily & I feel like a police officer at an accident scene … “Move along people, there’s nothing to see here! Move along!” Wanted to give them something to see – there is a link now just for them. (It is also a good article for any employee!)

On that note – love the new job. Love it. A very positive work environment on every level, from the CEO down to the summer intern who set up my PC. Quiet work environment. It is emphasized in the employee manual that it is important that we all “play nice” – say hi to each other, be courteous. No screensavers of naked women or pictures of Victoria Secret models. Conservative casual dress among the developers – I would not have to worry about walking a client through the design team or IT team room. No funky cardboard cut-outs all over of Star Wars characters or Austin Powers. I hop out of bed in the morning & look forward to coming to work. I forgot a long time ago what that felt like! Love it, love it, love it.

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You go girl! I never did understand all the Star Wars cut-outs. I guess it was their attempt to be cool. I am sure the clients *loved* them… oh wait, there were no clients. 🙂

To say that there were “no clients” abound at your “last employer” is in many ways a double-edged statement. If there was indeed a lack of clients with your “last employer”, it would stand to reason that the lack thereof would question the competency of the sales team as opposed to your “last employer’s” choice of office dcor.

I wonder if more companies would not have had to turn to massive layoffs to survive (or entirely go out of business) if they had implemented this model? After all, isn’t management where the proverbial buck finally stops?

*** The *real* Christine’s comment on this: I can SEE the IP address for those who post comments here on my site. More importantly, I have prevented you from running scripts in comments. I can see you are posting through and therefore must have inserted this to prevent their pop-up windows. As the owner of the OC would say … “Get back to WORK!”

The “mystery post” was not an “anti-ex-employer comments” or an anit-ex-employee comment. Just an observation. In fact, the post was done by an ex-employee. One that lost their job due to a poor sales team.

Considering all that has transpired since early April at the OC, and based on the tone of your comment, I thought that you worked at my former place of employment as a manager, possibly even one of the owners. My apologies if I was incorrect in that assumption. With that said, I will also say (in defense of all the sales teams out there) that it takes more than just a sales team. As wise officefreak observed, the buck stops at the owner’s desk … management plays a large role. I could sell as hard as possible, but it was critical that the team has the support of all management and the owners of the company.

Sorry Ken – had to edit your post just a teeny tiny bit – don’t want the guys at (company name omitted) coming to hunt me down. You know how it is… they might sue me. Sure, sue me. Whatcha want, this stack of bills to be paid or the other pile???

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