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The Oscars…

I will just keep adding to this one post as I watch… Others writing about the awards? Robyn (lots of stuff in her comments, so don’t miss that part like I almost did…) and Dori. Dori had to play catch-up just like I did. Tivo ROCKS!

Reese Witherspoon looked nice & classically elegant when she came out to present the Best Makeup artist award – AND I am really glad that the Lord of the Rings won the award. Oh, and their little thing before the award was funny – with the commentary of how all actors have heads the size of coconuts in reality and they wear 2-3 inches of makeup on camera – that’s why you never recognize them at the local five & dime.

I haven’t watched but 10 minutes of the show, but Whoopi looked like a freak in her peacock outfit!

I haven’t decided if I am going to watch the rest of the show or if I am going to watch Moulin Rouge. I’m about 30 minutes behind on the show, had it paused. You are *so* right about Cameron’s dress. Blech.

The chick that won for supporting actress from A Beautiful Mind was so gorgeous at the Golden Globes – her dress tonight was like flesh tone. Ick. (That would be Jennifer Connelly, and here is a photo.)

Glad to see Moulin Rouge get best costumes. I would have had a really hard time picking between them & Lord of the Rings.

Nicole Kidman looks pretty – but a little washed out… I only saw her sitting down, so I don’t know what her dress looks like. I’ll see it when she wins best actress. *wink* Hehehe… (I still might turn it off & watch Moulin Rouge though.)

Ewww… Woody Allen gets on my last nerve. I have yet to see a Woody Allen movie that I thought was good, and he mumbles really bad. Then there is the whine in his voice. This is the first Oscar appearance for him, although he has won 2 Oscars and has been nominated for 20 awards.

I really enjoyed the tribute to New York clip – it was really well done. Made me misty-eyed even. And I laughed when I saw John Travolta from Staying Alive, strutting down the street with the paint can in his hand.

Lord of the Rings won best cinematography! Yeah! No matter what you thought of the movie, you have to admit it was amazing as far as the visual effects. I liked Moulin Rouge too, but LOTR deserved it.

Jody Foster, Cameron Diaz and Helen Hunt have the great “I couldn’t be bothered to brush my hair” look. Ugh. I hate that.

Documentary clip was amazing. Sort of interesting to stop and think of how film has changed us in the past 100 years – how before that time you couldn’t “see” the news, only read the news or see photographs. Film with action just takes some things to a whole new level. From World War II on … it has truly made a difference. Sometimes for the good, other times not… sometimes I think we have become more jaded, we are shock-proof. We don’t react with the horror over some things like we otherwise would.

The guy from Thoth reminds me of Halcyon – must be the hair.

CAMERON! Buy a mirror and and a hairbrush! PLEASE! (Her dress is quite funky too. You can see it for yourself here.)

Whoo hoo! Art Direction award to Moulin Rouge! I wondered if it would go to LOTR, it would have again been a toss up for me. I’ve been debating for an hour about turning the Oscars off to watch Moulin Rouge … I love that movie! It is simply amazing! Beautiful, really beautiful.

I liked Monsters, Inc. more then Shrek. A lot more. Shrek was actually geared more towards adults… but it won for best animation. I would have given it to Monsters, Inc. Matter of fact, I really want that when it comes out on DVD.

Halle Berry is beautiful, she always looks quite elegant.

Kate Winslet still needs to go back to the darker hair color. She looks like she has been using Sun-in. She can be so beautiful. Definitely looks better then she did at the Golden Globes though!

Gwyneth Paltrow needs a mirror too. [via Robyn]

Did Glenn Close shop at the same store as Gwyneth? And what’s up with the loooong sleeves? Hummpff.

OMG! What happened to Ryan O’Neil? I didn’t even recognize him!!!

I think Faith Hill stitched together some of her baby blankies to make her dress. There is no other way to explain that creation…

Sandra Bullock looked beautiful when she was out presenting the best music score award (LOTR!) but Hugh? Well, jittery as always. Too much coffee, Hugh? Oooooo… Whoopi just said “It’s nice to see Hugh scoring again.” Ooooo…

I love Denzel Washington. Really, I do. I just think he’s fantastic. I don’t know if I have ever seen a movie with him that I didn’t like. Have you? Hmmm… now I’ll have to see what all movies he has done to see if there are any I don’t like – but I really, really like “Remember the Titans”. I like Denzel.

Sidney Poitier ROCKS.

I still want to see Kate & Leopold. (Sting is on stage performing is nominated song. I wonder if Kymberlie is watching – she loves Sting.)

What happened to the red dress Enya was wearing when she came in to the awards? I really liked that dress, and now she’s wearing a silver gray shiny one. It’s pretty, but I liked the other one better. Either way, her voice is awesome!

I didn’t realize that is John Goodman singing “I Wouldn’t Have Nothing if I Didn’t Have You” from Monsters, Inc. with Randy Newman. I like that song, it’s really sweet.

Thank goodness Faith Hill changed out of her PAAS inspired dress and is wearing classic black as she sings the song from Pearl Harbor.

Jennifer Lopez looks like crap. I really don’t think there is a nicer way to put it. Well, at least she brushed her hair, but then she teased it. Too much. Way too much.

Oh! “If I Didn’t Have You” won! It won! I didn’t think it would win, it is so spunky and upbeat. It’s such a great song! It won! Yeah! Randy Newman has been nominated SIXTEEN TIMES and he finally won! Sixteen! He’s like the Susan Lucci of the Oscars! And he WON!!

Anyone else think Marisa Tomei’s dress looks funky? What was up with the cord going from her neck to underneath her arm? Hmm.

EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Gwyneth just came out on the stage in that DRESS!!! WTF??? Why didn’t someone stop her? She has small boobs, and what she has is just … hanging there, sort of saggy, just … BAD. Bad Gwyneth! BAD!!!

Robyn posted this in my comments earlier, but as noted here, Ryan O’Neal has been battling chronic leukemia for the past year. Leukemia is such a hard disease, and it explains why he looked puffy and almost unrecognizable. (Not as much in that photo as he did on TV.) More information here.

I’m glad “A Beautiful Mind” isn’t quite sweeping the Academy Awards like they did the Golden Globes. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t say if it was a good movie or a bad one, I’m just happy to see LOTR and other movies win more awards.

This has not been the year for gorgeous dresses, but I think Sharon Stone looked pretty awesome. Except for the moment on the red carpet when she looks like she was pulling out out of the crack of her butt.

Did Barbara Streisand just pull a dress from the ’70s out of the back of her closet to wear tonight? I mean … uh, well I guess we could say her look is timeless – she’s wearing the same styles she wore long ago. She has been known to look a *lot* better then she does tonight.

Robert Redford is still hot (too old for me, but still hot, and that rich dreamy voice…). Russell Crowe is still not. Don’t like the hippy look with the beard. Sorry Russell.

One problem with the Oscars this year was the screen at the back of the stage – they would show little clips of the films way back there, and especially during things like “most artistic” you couldn’t see them.

Nicole Kidman was ROBBED!!!!!! They gave best actress to Halle Berry. I *knew* I should have watched Moulin Rouge instead. Yeah, even Halle is stunned and speechless because it should have been Nicole’s! Ok, now I may have to join Robyn with the “I hate Halle Berry” speech because her boo-hoo acceptance speech is a bit much. Stop crying Halle! Geepers. And is this speech ever going to end? Quick, someone drag her off the stage! She’s thanking her lawyers! Is she the first black woman to win best actress? That’s what it sounded like when she first got up there. Well, from what I could understand through her sobs & wails…

When did Uma Thurman get such giant boobs? I swear didn’t always look like that…

Whoopi just said about Halle Berry that “it was a very large door and I’m glad she kicked it down” so I guess she must be the first black woman to have won Best Actress.

DENZEL!!! I was *really* hoping Denzel would win Best Actor – and he DID IT!!! w00t! Go Denzel! It’s his second Oscar, but his other one was for best supporting actor. Go Denzel! I’m so happy for him! Hehehehe… “40 years I’ve been chasing Sidney, and what do they do? The give it to me and what do they do? They give it to him in the same night!” (Sidney Poitier was given a lifetime achievement award earlier.) Sidney stood up in the balcony box that he was in and held his Oscar up to Denzel. He’s about to make me cry … I have truly enjoyed his work and I am so glad he won it! (And Russell Crowe didn’t! *meow*)

By the way, if you want even MORE Oscar stuff, you can always go to the official site.

Know what makes Tivo cool? Instead of watching commercials I just rewound the Tivo and watched Denzel’s speech again!

Awww… Ron Howard’s first Oscar. He has done some really good work over the years, I’m glad to see him win it.

I want Moulin Rouge or LOTR to win best picture. I don’t think LOTR will get it. Just not Hollywood’s style. My guess is it will be A Beautiful Mind or Gosford Park… ok, now that I have said that I will push “play” on the Tivo and see who it is…

I knew it. A Beautiful Mind. Didn’t it win the Golden Globe for best picture too? Oh, the producer just said “it was really close” – I wonder who it was close with?

Wow, I didn’t realize that Denzel Washington was only the second black man to win Best Actor. Sidney Poitier won the other one.

And that ends my Oscar coverage… until next year!

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ROFLMAO regarding the Glenn and Gwen comment. Yes, I bet it was the Pleasure Chest instead of the Plesant Dress shop.

As for Ryan… I think it’s called real aging instead of Hollywood aging… no surgery.

I can’t stand Halle Berry. There, I said it publicly. It’s so freeing. She’s a bitch. Don’t believe me? Just go back and look at ANY footage of any interview following that “Yeah, I had an injury accident…but I was too freaked out and out of it to stop…but of couse that didn’t stop me from fixing my face…and oh have I mentioned that I’m wearing this stupid band-aid on my face much too long after it’s still needed because I want the attention…yes, I want the attention…I want you to worry about me and fret over me and be concerned that *I* was hurt…but don’t you dare think of asking me about that accident or that I think I’m too good once again to stop afterwards and make sure everything is ok like every other citizen of this country because I’m HALLE BERRY and I always wear the best dresses to award shows…” Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, can’t stand that bitch no matter how good she looks! ;-p

Ryan O’Neil has been fighting leukemia for a few months now, btw, and possibly needs a marrow transplant. I believe it was the NY Post that reported earlier this week that doctors told him he had less than 48 hours to live, but Ryan’s camp has denied that rumor.

I am so glad that I didn’t realize this was on tonight. The outfits are not “oscarish at all” my word are they all insane???

I watched Moulin Rouge.. a MUCH better choice.

I just posted in my comments that the LA Times referred to Gwenyth as a “bad gothic milkmaid“. I think that’s the understatement of the year! Another thing I didn’t get…that sheer fabric rolled around her midsection giving the appearance of tummy rolls — a no-no in Hollywood. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but since Gwenyth hasn’t eaten since 1997, I’m sure it was NOT the look she was shooting for.

Gina, I almost did the same thing. I’ve been in the mood to watch Moulin Rouge all weekend, so I was going to do it tonight but now I want to see if they won! I will have to watch it tomorrow night. I love Moulin Rouge! The story is about love…

I’m glad “A Beautiful Mind” isn’t quite sweeping the Academy Awards like they did the Golden Globes. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t say if it was a good movie or a bad one…

It was neither. It was middle-of-the-road, predictable and formulaic. Russell Crowe probably did a better job in this film than he did in “Gladiator,” but he didn’t deserve the Oscar for that one, either. I don’t even know why I care so much, but I’m offended that such an unimaginative interpretation of an amazing life is winning awards while an inspiring and amazing movie like “Amelie” is passed over time and time again. Isn’t there a new “Six Feet Under” on or something?

He was up front & center earlier before Halle won – so I don’t know where he went. Hmmm…

I read the papers. I just ignore the gossip stuff like who is prego. Come one, I thought that Jennifer Aniston *was* pregnant! Who has time to read papers & magazines? I have blogs to read!

My superficial comments:
1. What decade does Jennifer Lopez think she is on? She never ceases to amaze me on how she can always look like a bloody idiot.

2. Gwenyth-bra anyone?

3. Nicole–always hits a win with me, but i felt she looked too washed out and fair in pink although I would give me left arm or several other body parts to look like her.

4. Reese–simply beautiful.

5. Marisa-can have a cleaner look

6. Uma–preggers baby, didn’t she just give birth?

7. Sandra Bullock, Marcia Gay Hearden, Renee looked beautiful.

8. Julia & Sharon — didn’t dig it at all.

Woah Nellie! Sharon Stone has lost some mega weight – like 20 pounds or so (which is a lot on her frame). She looks hot, hot, hot!

And, Russell, was sooooo snubbed for being a jerk. Beautiful Mind swept all the top categories (‘cept Actress which it wasn’t nominated for) and Russell didn’t get it – how’s that for a message from his acting peers that his little pissy attitude don’t work in America!? Though, I did think he was robbed and deserved it over Denzel…. Just a total snub!

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