The State with the Funny Names…

Wheeeeeeeeeee!!! Internet access for the first time in over a week!!! SWEET!

We’re still in Arkansas, but no longer in the Ozarks. We are spending the night tonight in Arkadelphia. How fabulous is that for a city name? Tomorrow, we will be heading to Crater of Diamonds State Park to look for diamonds of our own – or whatever fancy rocks we might find.

We have been in the middle of the most beautiful nature you might ever see, with almost no one around us. Seriously, quiet life. National Forests, a National River, and yet very few people. If you live in the United States, come visit the Ozarks. NOW. I’ll post photos soon to show you why I say that. Tonight, I’m just going to bask in the glow of the monitor and enjoy the free WiFi at the hotel.

Yes, we made sure the hotel had WiFi when we booked our room. Guess what all three of us are doing right now? To be honest, I didn’t miss it that much over the past week. I did have to call my Mom to get her help booking a hotel room for tonight via Travelocity with better rates, and there were a few times I would have liked to have been able to look up information.

I have no idea why Flickr wouldn’t let me post any more photos with my phone after July 31st. I don’t know if it is an issue with Flickr, with Cingular, or what the deal is. It was driving me nuts for the first few days, then I finally gave up.

In completely random other news, I found out last week that I will be receiving the scholarship that I applied for back in April. The one that I had to write the “why I want to be a pharmacist” essay for. So my tuition for this semester will be paid! That covers almost half of the cost of school, after that it is just books. Yeah!

Oh… I wonder if the TV here gets more than 2 stations? Being limited to NBC and PBS for a week makes life pretty interesting. Good thing we weren’t in the cabin that much – we were too busy enjoying the great outdoors!

By Christine

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Yeah!!! I get to be the first one to comment! Glad to see you posting again but I was hoping to see some photos of the Ozarks. Guess I’ll have to wait until you get home.

So glad you’re having a good time! Some parts of Arkansas used to be in my sales territory when I worked in Louisiana. Talk about a highly underrated state. It’s so beautiful!!! Have fun digging for diamonds!

Aren’t the Ozarks quietly amazing? Definitely underrated. So glad you’re having fun AND Congratulations on that scholarship girl – that’s fabulous! Bring me back some diamonds, will ya? Welcome back to wifi.

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