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Because Everyone Can Use Some Organization…

I am back in Houston. I need to go through my Harlot photos and then my Arkansas photos so I can post them. The time will come soon. First I need to make sure that Jason is ready to START HIGH SCHOOL (someone hold me while I cry a little) on Monday. We’ve shopped for clothes, he has new tennis shoes, and he goes to “Cougar Camp” on Friday morning for a bit of orientation from the student council. I still can’t believe it is time for him to start HIGH SCHOOL. Wow.

Then I only have two weeks left before I start classes myself. I have a lot that I want to get done in those two weeks, which means it isn’t likely to happen. But I’ll do what I can in that amount of time. This semester will be a lighter load for me in that I won’t have as many classes, and only one of them involves a lab. The classes will probably be harder though, so I’m trying not to take on too much. This semester it will be Organic Chemistry, Trigonometry, and a Psych class for people majoring in health sciences. (The last one is required for my scholarship.)

I am also finishing up (finally!) my notes for the next Pointy Sticks podcast. Mike’s vacation ends today, so I hope to record while he is at work tomorrow. I know, shocking, isn’t it?

Once I get done with my home organization projects, I want to set up my crafty inventory in CraftMemo. It looks really cool, plus it is free. Can’t beat free. Check it out! [via Mac.]

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Hi – I know this is a really old blog post (2006!), but thought I might let you all know that since CraftMemo is no longer around, we’ve taken up the charge to make a new craft inventory tracker site.

It’s called Craftybase and our aim is to make it easier for crafters to organise their inventory and projects. We are currently in private beta at the moment, so we’d love your feedback so we can develop something really awesomely special for crafters!

p.s. you and your readers are most welcome to use the special code “bobbin” when signing up to get instant access to the beta site 🙂

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