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I went to the hospital this morning for my veneous and arterial doppler. I got there extra early, but fortunately they were able to move me through pretty fast. My first test was at 9:30, but I was ready for it by 9:05! When I went in to radialogy for the dopplers, I was informed that they can’t do both on the same day (insurance reasons), so I now I get to set up another appointment for the arterial doppler. Of course, the scheduling office is closed on Saturday, so I have to wait until Monday to do that.

Whenever I have blood drawn, the techs always comment on what small veins I have. I almost always end up having it drawn from my hand instead of my arm. I learned today that I also have small veins in my legs – she had a very hard time imaging them for the test. So small that even drinking a ton of water to make sure I am well hydrated doesn’t help.

Then I went over for the MRI. You are asked many times if you are claustrophobic, and I said no – I didn’t think I was. I can handle small rooms and small places just fine.

I can not handle the MRI machine.

The tech gave me earplugs and sent me in to the machine. She asked if I was ok, and at first I started to say that I was – and then I realized that I felt like I was trapped and I couldn’t breathe and my heart was racing and it was too tight and I couldn’t handle it ohmygodgetmeout! She brought me out, let me catch my breath, let me sit up so I felt better, and reassured me that it was ok and she would take as long as I needed. I decided to test it out with my eyes closed, and that did the trick for the most part. I didn’t like feeling the walls against my arms, but as long as I kept my eyes closed and breathed in and out slowly with long deep breaths, I was ok for the most part. I almost had her pull me out again before the last test, but decided to just stick it out through the last 4 minutes. The entire drive home I felt like my heart was racing though – not fun at all.

Next time I get to do an MRI, I think I’m going to get someone to drive me, and I’m going for the Xanax that she suggested.

They will be faxing the results to my doctor on Tuesday, if not sooner, so until then it’s just a matter of waiting. That, and trying to figure out where I’m going to come up with the money to cover my deductible. Ugh.

Mike’s parents came in to town on Wednesday, and we had dinner together that night at Josephine’s, then Thanksgiving Day was spent with them at my parent’s house, and yesterday we went to Galveston. Today they are visiting Rice and seeing some other sights while Jason and I are going to the downtown library to pick up books for his science fair project on catapults. Then we are all getting together this afternoon at the Museum of Natural Science to visit the butterfly exhibit. It’s been quite a nice holiday!

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Hey there Christine, word of advise for the MRI machine.. I have had like 6 MRI’s done so I have gotten used to it but take the Xanax like 30 min BEFORE the MRI time and you will be ok.. Make sure they put the ear plugs in right too and there are some machines that have head phones too that they have playing music in them. I was taking pain killers too when I first had them done.

I have troublesome veins, too. They always have to use my hands, too. I prefer it, cuz it hurts less, although my Dr. thinks I’m crazy cuz that’s supposed to hurt *more*, but not me. It hurts less, to me. When the blood bank made a new rule, “no blood from hands” I had to stop donating, it hurt too much.

Down here we have “open mri” machines, but not all places have them.

I had an awful time with an OPEN MRI and I’m extremely claustrophobic. I had to have it done with and without dye so I was in there for almost an hour total. 30 minutes before the dye for the contrast and 30 minutes after. I told hubby I will have to either be stoned or severely drunk to do it again.

I drink tons of water before they try and find my veins. Mine hide and roll. I have had them popped a few times. I extend my arm straight out and downward at an angle holding a fist. Once the needle is in (a butterfly one, like they use on kids!) I relax my fist and it’s fine. I have to get it done every 6 months.

I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!

Amen on the tiny veins. When I go in for my blood tests each week, they almost always have to take it out of my hand.

You might try asking for a butterfly needle, or seeing of a pediatric nurse can do the draw. Sometimes they’re better with little bitty veins. 🙂

They almost always have to use the butterfly syringe on my hands when I have blood drawn. Today’s test didn’t involve drawing blood – it was imaging the veins in my legs to make sure I didn’t have a blood clot anywhere along the main veins. Problem was my veins are *so* small, she had to press REALLY hard to image some of them! Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Like Laserone, having bloodwork drawn from my hands normally hurts less. I think it might have to do with the fact that when they draw from my arm, they probably spend 5-10 minutes thumping on it trying to find a vein. They never like to admit defeat either and just draw it from the hand!

the last time i ever had blood drawn on my veins, i think i was like 5 years old. i don’t even know what my blood type is.

i don’t think i’m clausterphobic, but i think i would get clausterphobic in that MRI machine simply because i’m conscious while they’re scanning me.

i don’t have tiny veins, but i have deep veins. *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*

the next day i always look like a heroin addict or something. bruises, trackmarks, holes. ugh.

hope everything’s ok with your mri. *crosses fingers*

Ditto what other people have said on the Open MRI machines. I’ve had it done a few times and no problems for me. As for drawing blood, no help for you there. *plop* [Crankydragon hitting the flor in a dead faint]

Hmmm I’ve always wondered about those MRI machines, and thought I’d be fine but just your description got me all panicky!

And veins/needles… *shudder*

Yes, it’s official. I’m a big woose!

If I’m feeling that way, closing my eyes only makes it worse. I can’t tell that the walls are really not getting closer to me, so I have to keep my eyes open. The open MRI machine was a lot better though.

I know what you mean!! I had to have a MRI done about 5 years ago. Even though the logical portion of your brain KNOWS that you’ll just lie there and nothing adverse will happen – it didn’t stop me from coming VERY close to freaking out!

I might be a little late on this, but the best advice I have gotten regarding MRI’s is to have the tech put a washcloth over your eyes. I am totally claustrophobic but for some reason I don’t panic if I can’t see how closed in I am although I ‘know’ that I am. Just don’t let your arms hit the sides and you will remain clueless. Good luck!

Hey, hope everything works out with your MRI, I’m having one done next week for the first time and I’m a little nervous about the needle part and being enclosed, even though I don’t think I’ve had any claustraphobic experiences! Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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