The Writing Was In the Stars…

Friday afternoon, Kymberlie and I met up for lunch. Afterwards, I said that I needed to go to Foley’s to find some earrings for my bridesmaids. She didn’t like the first ones I found, so I thought it would be smart to take her along.

As we walked through the store, the girl at the Origins section asked if we wanted a chair massage. I swear, if there had been people in front of Kymberlie, she would have thrown them to the ground to get to that chair faster. After she got her massage, I got mine. Mmmmm…

After enjoying my massage, I was looking at some of the products they carry. I spotted a crock pot on the counter and joked with Cat, the Origins girl, asking if she was making soup for lunch. She said no, that they offered facials too – and asked if I wanted one. Heck yeah! Delicious!

After my facial, Cat did my makeup. It was simply fabulous! Absolutely awesome! So wonderful that at the time, Kymberlie commented on how Cat should come to Galveston for my wedding to do our makeup. I reminded her that my hair lady was going to be doing our makeup too – so we were all set. Cat said that it was her second to last day at Origins and that she was starting a new job on Monday – but if she was off on the 29th, she would come and do my makeup.

Forward to Sunday morning. I was getting ready for my appointment for the trial run for my hairstyle for the wedding. I had my makeup items ready to go along with my “spreadsheet” with all my bridesmaid info. I was ready and excited about the trial run.

Then the phone rang. Shanna, my stylist, was on the phone. Cancelling. Not just my trial run, but the whole thing. She said she just couldn’t commit to doing the wedding as she is working 3 jobs right now and has had some family issues come up and so she just couldn’t do my wedding to.

What huh?

Call me crazy, but if you book a wedding months in advance, it’s booked. You don’t call the bride on the day of the trial run and cancel. Silly me, I knew it was booked and I had the contract, but it wasn’t finished yet – we hadn’t signed it, and she didn’t have my deposit yet because they don’t take that until the trial run is over. That’s to protect you so that if you don’t like your hair, you can still cancel. Doh. I should know better. But I never expected she would cancel on me.

I cried. I think I might have even sobbed. I was really looking forward to being pampered on my wedding day – and now she was cancelling on me. Gah!

After going through a distraught Bridezilla moment, I calmed down. All things happen for a reason. I know there is a reason behind this.

I called Foley’s yesterday afternoon to ask them to call Cat for me. The clerk gave me her number instead. (I would have been pissed if they had given out my number!) She is going to find out her schedule today and will let me know if she can do the makeup for the wedding. I mentioned the situation to a lady at Jason’s swim team kick-off party last night, and it turns out that she has a family friend that does makeup and hair for weddings. She has already called to find out if she is available and would be willing to travel to Galveston. I’m also going to check out salons on the island – maybe I can find someone there that can do it.

The fact that the original plan fell through isn’t the end of the world, but it still shook me up. Fortunately, it is just leading me to find other options. It will all work out. It will all work out. *sigh*

Anyone know someone in Houston that can do wedding hair? Are they available on May 29th? Send them my way!

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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There’s a reason that this happened! I’m actually glad this lady wasn’t going to be at the trial run, as maybe she wouldn’t have been the best choice for the hair on your special day!

Good luck finding someone, I hope it’s a painless process! 🙂

Well, I suppose it’s better that she canceled on you now than on the day OF the wedding. This way, you at least have a little time to find someone else. Good luck!

I absolutely *love* my stylist and I know she does wedding hair – and I think makeup too. She does great up-do’s from what I’ve heard too…

Christine! Boy can I relate. I got married in Houston and the night before my rehearsal dinner the lady who was doing my makeup, hair and all my girls hair, canceled. I didn’t have time to find someone else so I had to go to a salon on the morning of the rehearsal dinner and ask for ideas. Oh, I cried and cried! Somehow though, I was able to do it all myself the next morning.

Not what I wanted at all but the pictures still turned out well. I wish I could call that lady and really give her a piece of my mind! I was so mad! I’m glad you have more time to prepare and good luck!

No offense, but that hair lady is a bee-yatch. My one big knock on “stylists” is that (from my outsiders opinion) many of them may have “style” but definitely lack class.

Try Stacey at Toni & Guy in the Galleria. He did my friend Ami’s hair and all of the bridesmaids’, including myself. You can see some of Ami’s pictures on her photographer’s website She’s the blond in b&w on the very first page.

Good luck finding a stylist. I personally go to Chris Huffer at Gloss Salon. He’s amazing.

Hi I found your post through google because I am getting married in Galveston but live here in Houston and no one wants to travel to galveston to do my hair/make-up. If you don’t mind sharing who did you use?

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