The Yellow Ribbon

This morning as I was eating breakfast I decided to turn on the Today show. They were showing the Marines that were deploying for the Mediterranean. They were already scheduled to deploy for a 6 month tour, but still… this time it’s different. Who knows if they will be gone just 6 months, or a year, or longer? And instead of a peace time tour, we could be at war. Having been an Army wife in Desert Storm, I remember how horribly hard the deployments are. My ex-husband was in Germany with me throughout Desert Storm until that May, when they deployed for “Operation Provide Comfort”. (Who thinks of these names?) I wore a yellow ribbon throughout all of Desert Storm, and for years had it tacked to the wall at work, in memory of all of those separated from their loved ones, serving in foreign lands or just far from home. I figured it was time I had a yellow ribbon here. I am forever grateful to the members of the military and their families for the sacrifices they make to defend our country. Thank you…

Sending positive thoughts, hugs & prayers out to Hilary and Sara during this time. Thinking of you & your families.

By Christine

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Hey, you’re so close to Jack’s family, we’ll have to get together one of these days next time we go down for a visit. Any truth to the rumor they’re turning the Ren Fair park into a Disneyland? I think the festival is supposed to start in what? a week? two weeks?

I noticed that one day – I am close to his family aren’t I? Being at 1960 & 249… Better give me a shout when you come down! A Disneyland? Hmmm… this is the first time I heard about that. I don’t know, but if I hear anything I’ll let you know. It starts the first Saturday in October. I am really looking forward to going this year!

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