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Third Watch…

Last season was the first season that I really got in to watching “Third Watch”. One of the actresses is married to a NYC firefighter in real life, and so they did a special September 11th episode last year. They postponed the start of the season to film it even. I forgot to set the Tivo though, and they haven’t aired them this summer on NBC – so it was a real treat to discover that they are airing them this weekend on A&E. It’s a 2 part episode, and they are on back-to-back right now. I think they are on again later tonight or else tomorrow night. Tivo is recording them for me right now.

Yesterday they aired 13 hours of “Law & Order” on A&E, and think tomorrow is when they are airing all of the episodes of “24” on one of the other stations. I love it when they do holiday marathons like this!

By Christine

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hey I just got into Third Watch reruns on a and e about 7 months ago I am religious about the pogram can you tell me where to buy the complete sereies and not just the first season I mean all of them and do you know why it was taken off the air It is the best show ever.

hey … what happened to third watch on a & e. i have not life now. lol. i also would like to add my name to the many who would like to buy the series

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