Where Did it All Come From?

On my never-ending quest to get all of the boxes of stuff out of my apartment from
The City Suites, I went through 3 more boxes of random things last night. Where did all this stuff come from? Did I really think I needed to save all of these magazines? I’m now up to about 8 bags of paper that needs to go to the recycling bin. And I’m nowhere near done.

At least 95% of the stuff is going out the door. Bank statements and paycheck stubs are about the only thing I am keeping. It feels so good to be free!

By Christine

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Hey, if you care to go to the effort, you can sometimes get a surprisingly good price for old magazines on eBay! I don’t always do it, but sometimes I sell my discards – there’s almost always someone out there looking for that particular New Yorker or Harper’s or whatever.

If they’re women’s magazine you can always donate them to nursing homes. No, really, our college dorm used to do it. The little old ladies love the magazines and some of the homes have “art” classes that cut them up and use them in projects.

Off the topic of this post, but I went to vote for you at blogger all-star and the votes are down because of some dude withdrawing or something! I’ll try to keep up with it so I can vote again so you can be HRH Blogger All Star! lol

A bunch of them are tech magazines, like Wired and Yahoo. I suggested to my Dad that he should take them for the VA Hospital, but he thought they wouldn’t be interested in them.

The women’s magazines are going to a nursing home though, and I guess I’ll ask them if they want the tech ones too.

You don’t want to see my bedroom, I know my husband thinks it hurt his eyes. I still have boxes that I haven’t gone through that are anywhere from 2 years to 6 years old. Last week I found all my notes from my high school Bio class to give you an idea that was in the 80’s.

It’s amazing how fast you can accumulate “stuff” … it’s about time that I go through some stuff and get rid of things that are just collecting dust!

Ahh that feeling of having nothing hanging over you, like boxes of ‘stuff’ is a fantastic one. I urge everyone to get in their spring/summer clear out now and rid yourselves of all that unwanted ‘but we might need this stuff, maybe, someday’ clutter.

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