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Michael Fraase wrote a weblog entry about Fun with Spammers and I must say his tactics are marvelous as an attempt to get them to stop spamming him. But the person that he specifically mentions in his post didn’t think as highly of it as I did, and is threatening to sue him because he is defaming his character and interfering with his business. Hello? You’re spamming us. Claim I chose to “opt-in” as much as you want, but I doubt it. I get spam for Viagra, adding length to my penis, and teen porn. I have NO interest whatsoever in any of these topics and would never “opt-in” to receive that. So I applaud Michael for standing up to the spammers. I am not sure how much of a difference it will make, but it is worth a try!

By Christine

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You realize that by posting that you have now opened up your site for being found on Google through keywords like penis length, viagra, and teen porn. Should be a nice mix with the foot fetish people… 😉

Well, as satisfying as that approach may sound, it still doesn’t stop spammers from knowing they have hit a valid e-mail address and selling that to other spammers. Even worse, it could draw some very retribution if you yourself run a server.

I know I’ve sung the praises of this before, but the very best way to get to spammers is reporting them to their hosts/ISPs with a tool like SpamCop It doesn’t have as high an instant gratification factor, but with enough complaints, often action is taken to shut down the spammer’s activities and they are forced to try again somewhere else. I’ve been using SpamCop for a while now and it has blocked 100% of my spam from reaching my inbox. Then when I feel like it, I log in and report all the spam that their filters collected, letting SpamCop do all the hard work of tracing them through bounced relays and fake URLs for me. I can’t recommend the service highly enough.

Oh I have gotten so sick of the spam. I know it doesn’t help anything (well it does sometimes LOL) but I usually forward the emails back to the spammers ten times over. Doesn’t always work of course and can backfire I suppose but it has gotten rid of a few for me. :o) I am going to consider the SpamCop idea once we move and get a new ISP.

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