What Good Fun!

In my 18 posts today (ok, not 18 – but it seems like it!) I forgot to mention this. Monsters, Inc. had the *cutest* trailer yesterday before Harry Potter. It was *GREAT*. I won’t give it away, but go see Harry Potter and look for it. Too funny. I am assuming it only shows before Harry Potter, it was pretty specific like that. Made me want to go see Monsters, Inc. too. I loved the ending – “Showing in a Theater near you. Very near you. Like maybe right next to yours.” Classic.

I also forgot to mention that I finally watched Clerks last night. That was pretty amusing, and now I “get” a few more of the jokes from Jay & Silent Bob that I didn’t catch when I saw the movie. Props to Kymberlie for loaning me her DVD of Clerks! Hey, you know what? Jason’s on his way to North Dakota … I am home alone … I can watch all of these grown-up movies during the middle of the day! Hmmm… what will I watch next?

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Seen all of Kevin Smith’s stuff… Clerks and Chasing Amy were the best of the bunch. Wasn’t crazy about Dogma. Mallrats was good, but not as good.

Now, if I could remember the two movie trailers I saw before Harry Potter… I wanted to look ’em up on the ‘Net to learn more about them. One had Tim Allen (just looked it up in and it was Joe Somebody) and the other had Frankie Muniz (IMDBed again… Big Fat Liar). There may have been one more, but I can’t remember it. Lord of the Rings was there and so was the cartoonish one with the kid who had yellow pointy hair.

Glad you liked it. It’s my favorite of all of his films. Now go watch The Last Supper so I can get it back too! (And don’t forget The Sims. I would actually like to play it someday!) 🙂

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