Wednesday’s mail!

I love getting presents in the mail! Caro sent me a fabulous, adorable wristlet that matches my business card holder that she gave me in July when I went to see the Yarn Harlot. It is the perfect color combination with brown and blue, and it is lined with the cutest fabric. She also sent me “P” and “S” stitch markers for Pointy Sticks! (Going out tonight, the laptop is set up and ready!) She even made the card, which is so cool. I love it all!

I was just thinking yesterday that now that I’m using a rolling backpack on Monday & Wednesday when I have Organic Chem and a ton of books, and a regular backpack on Tuesday & Thursday when I have Trig and Self-Awareness Psychology (but only one book to carry around) that I should find some small purse thing to use so I could easily transfer from bag to bag. Then I got home and there was one waiting for me in the mail. Perfect timing!

The construction is perfect – granted, I can’t sew, but my mother is fantastic at it and has trained me to have a good eye for the details. The fabric is just the right weight, which makes them really nice. The wristlet is great, and I love my card holder so much – I can’t say enough good things about Caro’s goodies. You can get some too at her Etsy store. They are fabulous!

Thank you, Caro! I loooooooove it! Mwah!

By Christine

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