Top 10 Disadvantages…

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Doctors in the US recently used a robotic arm to remove a gall bladder of a patient in France.
Top 10 disadvantages of long-distance surgery:
10. w3 0wn UR P4n(r345!!!
9. Forgetting to install the anaesthetist plug-in.
8. Surgeons being distracted by pop-up ads.
7. Some organs may not appear correctly in Netscape Navigator.
6. Cut & Paste.
5. Surgery complete. You will need to reboot your body for these changes to take effect.
4. Difficulties when using the text-only version of
3. Connection congestion from the nurse playing Wolf MP Test. (“Medic! Medic!”)
2. I send you this liver in order to have your advice.
1. All your vital organs are belong to us!

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