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Toxic Glue…

I think it’s time to admit that I’ve watched too much Seinfeld lately. I’m starting to think of all of my life experiences, all of my blog reads, everything as Seinfeld moments. Today I had an encounter with toxic glue.

I don’t normally chew gum, but for some reason I snagged a piece of Trident Spearmint gum from my co-worker’s candy tray. I was happily chewing my gum, minding my own business. Then I had to lick some envelopes to seal them. Normally the envelopes have a minty taste to the glue, and I don’t mind licking them. Well, not like I do it all the time for fun, but they’re ok when you have to do it.

Unless you’ve been chewing spearmint gum.

If you’ve been chewing gum like I was, they glue on the envelopes tastes just like plain glue. Like Elmer’s School Glue. Not that I’ve ever tasted Elmer’s glue, uhhh… but you know. Glue. Ick. Gross.

My whole life is turning in to a Seinfeld episode…

By Christine

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17 replies on “Toxic Glue…”

I have a co-worker who seems to be able to map EVERYTHING that happens to “that Seinfeld episode when the thing happened”. It makes me want to strangle him.
Please be careful.

The first step to solving the problem is admitting it’s a problem, right? Hopefully I’m on the road to recovery already!

Although I have always thought that reading blogs is a lot like watching Seinfeld. Maybe it’s just me…

Well, if you keel over dead, we’ll know it was the cheap glue on the envelopes! Either that or maybe the DINGO ATE YOUR BABYYYY! 😛 (I watch too much Seinfeld too!)

I remember in 2nd grade my mother ranting over the nasty tasting envelope for the yearbook orders. A few days later, my math teacher was filling the order for her son’s yearbook (he attended the same school) and started gagging. She ran out of the classroom to the water fountain across the hall. She was disgusted by the envelope and let our class know that.

Since then, I cringe and brace myself each time I have to lick an envelope.

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