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I have been chilling, watching TV tonight, because I am a TV junkie. Is there a help group? First I watched “The Amazing Race”. I HATE TEAM GUIDO. What *ucking assholes. (*gasp!*) YES. I am serious. I hate them, hate them, hate them. What jerks. Saying “everyone is worried about us” – yeah, right. Jerks. I hope they lose. I really hope they lose. Then I watched “Judging Amy”, and now I am watching “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Yesterday’s episode had Brenda having a breast cancer scare (yeah, of course she was fine…). Today? It’s Chandler Bing! Yes, he plays a troubled rich kid who wants to kill himself. Brandon saves him of course. Has anyone ever tallied up how many people Brenda & Brandon saved? Hmmm…

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OH MY GOD- I was *this* close to throwing the remote at the TV at Team Guido. They piss me off so much it hurts to watch the show. They are so self-centered and trite. They drive me nuts! Out of all the gay couples in America, why did CBS have to pick them? It drives me crazy. You know it’s just feeding into the rotten stereotype that some people have. It’s so upsetting!

The SOOOOO pissed me off when they lied to the one team (Karyn?) about the whole incident in Tunis. “We just happened to get there before them.” when in reality they were on film SAYING “ok, here they come, here they come, now… ok, go!” Ugh. I hate them. HATE them. By the end of the show I think they had convinced themselves that they didn’t do anything wrong in Tunis. Losers. If I ever saw them in person I would *itch slap both of them, but the dark haired one (Joe) would get it twice. I was yelling at the tv and calling him names last night that were NOT nice. Grrr… Team Guido SUCKS!

I was in the kitchen making brownies when 90210 was on, and I could have sworn I heard Matthew Perry… but when I got into the room, he wasn’t on… So I guess I was right, it was him!!! I feel better now 🙂

I was watching it, in the haze of a headache, and kept thinking in the first scene he was in “that’s Chandler!” Of course I couldn’t think of his real name (thanks Kristine!) and I didn’t feel like looking it up last night. All I could hear was Janice saying “Chaaaandler Bing” whenever he was in a scene. Too funny. I am glad Brandon saved him so he could go on to a new life on “Friends”. LOL

OMG!! i am SO glad that there are others watching TAR – now i don’t feel so embarrassed! LOL 🙂 had i been standing next to “team guido” in tunis… well, i wouldn’t have just threatened them with bodily harm. what jackasses! every week, i wish a pox on them. so far, it hasn’t worked. and to think my husband and i are actually applying to be ON that show!!

I wonder if anyone has set up a “Team Guido Sucks” website yet. And you know what will happen … they will win. I see it coming down to Team Guido (freaks, and the name “Guido” doesn’t fit them at ALL) and Drew & Kevin (who the name “Guido” would fit much better.) I love how it says on the website “The Guidos: They’re Outcasts” at I really like Frank & Margarita, I like their attitude. I like Nancy & Emily, but Drew & Kevin have really helped them out a lot so I don’t know how far they can make it. Shawn, that would be SO cool if you got on the show!

You know last week I was sort of on their side (Team Stupido) and I thought they were playing well and they really wanted to win. Well this week all of that is shot out the frickin’ window. What complete idiots. Did you see how well he lied to that girl when she asked him for his side of the story? I wouldn’t want to be with a man that could lie that easily…and that well. Pft! What morons.

Interestingly, all those domains are available. If I had an extra $35 buh and some programming time, I’d have a chat room and message board going. BTW, doesn’t the domain “” sound more appropriate?

$35? Come on over to the cheap registers baby! $13.50 a year, – why do you think I have so many domains? Ones that don’t even have content! Hmmm… it may be worth it to add yet another site here, set up a group blog, considering all the “anti-Team Guido” e-mail I have been getting! LOL

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