Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…

Man, why does planning a vacation have to be so hard? Every time we try to narrow down our list of vacation ideas, it just seems to get longer! Cross-country road trips. Local road trips. Flights to wonderful cities. The options go on and on. I can’t decide! (The fact that Mike is waiting on details about a work trip in June isn’t helping the situation either.)

What is YOUR dream vacation? If you had 2 weeks and you could go anywhere in the US but with a limit to your budget, what would you do? Yes, I had to throw the “limit” thing in there – the budget? Not unlimited. But definitely workable. So? What would you do?

(Because really, I need to add MORE options to my list!)

By Christine

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I would go back to Ireland. I would go to the Beara Peninsula, go see the Dingle Peninsula, go back to the Cliffs of Moher, and maybe go to County Donegal. I’d fly into Cork, and I’d spend a little time wandering all of my old haunts, and I’d try to get together with a couple of friends I haven’t talked to since I left. Le sigh…

I’m doing it this fall. 🙂 I’m driving from Minneapolis to Albuquerque and back, stopping at Ft Collins, Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs to visit bloggers, then to the Taos Wool Festival for more blogger festivities, then to Sante Fe and finally Albuquerque to stay with Scout. Whew!

Tiffany…none out of two ain’t bad. ;p

I would visit California …. maybe camping and a little B&B action on the Northern California coast.

Other than that, I would go to my house and visit. Because it is close and cheap. Heh.

Wow, sorry I missed the US part. I just saw the where would you go and went. Ahem.

Anyway, think about going to Michigan. I never realized how beautiful and friendly it is until I left. Green all over, lots of trees, you’re never far from water–Lake Michigan is particularly nice. If you’re feeling touristy, think about Mackinac Island (they don’t allow cars on the island), which is just north of the lower peninsula. If you’re looking for something seriously back to nature, think about the Upper Peninsula. Sarah could tell you more about where to go there. If you go, stick mostly to the west side of the state because that’s where you’ll find more touristy spots, plus Lake Michigan is amazing. I’m so serious–it’s awe inspiring. Lake Huron’s on the wrong side of the state, so the beaches aren’t as good (something about sandy beaches only being on the west side of a body of water or something). You can swim and enjoy yourself without a worry at all about sharks or scary ocean creatures. There are fish and barnacles, but you’re not a ship, so no worries from the barnacles, eh? It’s seriously worth considering.

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